eml to pst conversion

An EML to PST converter that eliminates all the hurdles from the conversion journey!

EML to PST Converter tools that make your life easier move your email data to Microsoft Outlook quick and easy way.

The intent behind taking up an email conversion job is to pick up all the files from the database and take them forward to the new client so as to use them smoothly and effectively. As such, functionality is the most crucial factor that the users desire. However, more often than not, EML to PST converters neglect this key factor and provide for only partial or damaged conversions.

EML to PST Converter Tool

The scenario in the market for EML to PST converters is quite disappointing but the silver lining to the clouds is availability of certain brilliant tools such as Mail Passport Pro. The tool comes from the lineage of Gladwev Software – a company which is well known for creating outstanding email converters.

The tool is a precision oriented one and therefore delivers carbon copies of the files every single time. There are no unwanted twists and turns of the likes of application crashes or erroneous outputs. As a matter of fact, the advanced technology in the backdrop lets it take up the job smoothly for the entire part of it.

Mail Passport Pro, if given a chance, would transform the files so precisely that there would be no differentiation possible from the original content. And such brilliance comes at a rational price too. This EML to PST converter gives a fair chance to its users to get the results as per their expectations and of course these results have a long-lasting nature which is great for the user interests.

eml to pst converter

Now get more for less!

Here is a perfect chance to get hands on the best EML to PST converter without spending a single penny on it. The tool is offering its users a free demo trial version to test it repeatedly till the point of satisfaction. Click on the link below to download your copy of Mail Passport Pro now!

A brilliant buy of an EML to PST converter-Features and more!

By now, it is quite clear that Mail Passport Pro is the perfect choice for an EML to PST converter. One more tool which is equally skillful in giving out these conversions is Mail Passport Lite. It is not very different from the former one. The only difference is that while Mail Passport Pro holds the capability of converting multiple email clients such as Entourage, Apple mail, Thunderbird, MBOX, EML, etc, Mail Passport Lite can only convert MBOX & EML to PST. As such, both these tools make brilliant choices for an EML to PST converter.

eml to pst

Some basic traits common to these tools from the same origin are:

  • Safe to use
  • Supports bulk conversions
  • Converts every single element of the data
  • Converts non-English content
  • Smooth data flow
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Provides fast and precise conversions
  • Rationally priced

As is clear, regardless of which tool the user opts for, there is a complete guarantee of attaining flawlessly converted EML to PST or MBOX to PST files.

convert eml to pst

Get Mail Passport Lite or Mail Passport Pro, if you are looking for EML / MBOX converter to PST.

export mozilla thunderbird to outlook

Export Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook (PST) for Mac/Windows

Never struggle with your attempts of Exporting Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook PST anymore. The ultimate third-party converter tool from USL Software is here to help you out with your conversion process.

Export Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook PST

Currently the most all-round tool present in the market is USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro. The tool from the house of leaders in email conversion business, leads the way when it comes to tools used for Exporting Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook PST.

mozilla thunderbird to outlook

Comprising of everything that you need to get your conversion process completed without any flaws, the tool packs the punch of technology that has made everything easier, smarter and faster. The tool offers you the best in class features that make everything more pleasant.

Get it for the interface alone

Ease of using the tool is a very important factor when it comes to deciding which converter to go for. Exporting Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook PST is a tricky task. And if your converter tool isn’t easy to operate, it amplifies the problem further.

Most third-party converter tools used for Exporting Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook PST, have a heavily filled interface that boasts all the necessary and unnecessary features of the tool making it a daunting experience for the user to just even look at the tool.

Mail Extractor Pro uses you one of the simplest to use user interface. The tool shows only that, which is necessary for Exporting Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook PST. In minimal number of steps, you can get the conversion process of your dreams.

To support this even further the tool even offers informative dialog boxes and informative wizards at every step, guiding you through the entire conversion process. Thus, making it all easier for you.

Best in class accuracy and precision

Accuracy is what you have come for. An inaccurate mbox to pst converter tool is the root of many problems that may come your way. Mail Extractor Pro offers you the most effective in course accuracy. The tool is the best in class when it comes to converting all the data present in your input file.

The tool converts everything while Exporting Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook PST. The tool runs on such an algorithm that converts everything present in the input file down to the last bit. The encoding scheme or the type of data doesn’t matter to the tool. The tool converts both the Unicode and ASCII encoded data with same ease, accuracy and precision.

ASCII being the easier and more common of the two, is easier and simpler to convert. Most tools convert them with ease. It is the Unicode side of the data where tools fail at while Exporting Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook PST.

Since the Unicode data comprises of non-English data and is a bit of tricky to convert, most converter tools fail to convert it giving you an incomplete conversion process and has negative effects on the input data as well.

Mail Extractor Pro converts all the Unicode data present in the input file with ease, precision and accuracy. Thus, making the process of migration from Thunderbird to Outlook better and safer.

Get the trial today

Download the totally free test of the device today and also begin with your conversion process today.

exporting postbox to outlook

Export Postbox to Outlook (PST) Effortlessly!

Export Postbox to Outlook (Mac & Windows) With Safe, Secure and Accurate.

Postbox in Mac and Outlook in Windows are both friendly email programs. But they do not have a proper native support to get the data migrated across each other. Postbox has an option for archiving emails to MBOX, but you cannot use it with Outlook. Only PST format is what Outlook can import.

Best Way to Export Postbox to Outlook

If you are looking for a user-friendly and quick solution for exporting Postbox to Outlook, look no further. The tool we are going to talk about below clears all the tests with flying colors. Offering every essential feature and clean conversion ability is what make it the top choice for this task.

Called Mail Extractor Pro, it is an app for Mac OS X that lets you load your database from Postbox (or even MBOX Files) and lets you convert everything to PST files.

Export Postbox to Outlook

Once finished, you can then import the PST to Outlook. (Here’s how: Launch Outlook and go to ‘file’ –> Import/Export –> Import Using a program or file –> Outlook data file (pst) –> and then select the PST file.)

There are other similar converters but the reason why “PST Extractor Pro” is at the top of many experts’ list for this job is manifold.

Let us take a look at what makes this app different from the others and how it benefits you:

  • It is the only email migration utility that can cleanly autoload your Profile database of Postbox from the default location, skipping all the manual inputs by users. Just click on ‘Autoload’ and get every data content ready for conversion into PST
  • Apart from its main autoload function, you can also choose to convert any backup Postbox databases by simply choosing the location it is saved at.
  • “Mail Extractor Pro” also has full capabilities for converting data from Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and MBOX Files to PST.
  • There is a convenient tiny little feature to stop output PST files from getting too large. You can choose any size you want, and the tool will then split them into smaller files automatically.
  • Complete conversion log for advanced users to analyze the process and look at the details in a close and insightful manner.

But most of all, “Mail Extractor Pro” performs the conversion cleanly using its sophisticated set of algorithms. There are layers of dedicated scripts to handle the special and trickier components from Postbox files, such as headers, attachments, graphics, and so on. It also contains the accurate handlers for Unicode text anywhere within the database including email text and headers.

To put it shortly, it is only app for Exporting Postbox to Outlook PST that ensures 100% clean migration. Every little element gets process and moved into Outlook.

All this is integrated and unified under a basic interface that is simple enough for anyone to follow and use.

Try it to export Postbox to Outlook

You can try the free version first to check it out. Then use any of the license that will fit your scope of migration.

Postbox to Outlook

If you are loking for Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox & MBOX to PST Conversion tool, then try ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ today.

Convert Outlook OST file to Thunderbird

Outlook OST File to Thunderbird – A tool With Advanced-Level Extraction Models For Your Complex Files!

Outlook is an email client that allows you to manage your emailing needs through a friendly UI. It supports IMAP and POP and other commonly used protocols to retrieve emails from your email servers. It does so by connecting to the servers and downloading the data to local files on your computer: to either PST or OST files, depending on your setup and settings.

Usually, if you are using IMAP or Exchange, it will by default download data to OST files instead of PST (Although you can change it manually in settings). POP accounts download data to OST.

Outlook OST / PST

The difference being that OST is more like an offline cached copy of your mailbox folders. It also syncs with the servers in real time, so all the work and changes are kept same at all places. This makes it easier to work offline and sync the changes later when the internet is back.

PST, on the other hand, is more suitable for personal tasks, like archiving, backing up, migration, import/export, etc. You can also set Outlook to download data to PST files, but you can only work on them only when there is internet.

This crucial difference between OST and PST can often result in users making unwise decisions, usually in the form of assuming that they can import OST files later on.

If you have PST files with important data in them, you can easily import them back to Outlook. But that is not possible with OST. It works automatically with the client. Any interruptions like deleting original account, or corruption, or power failures, can often lead to data stranded in OST files with no way to get them back directly into Outlook.

And, both files are proprietary from Microsoft that only works with Outlook. PST is importable in Mac Outlook, but other than that there are no other uses with other clients.

Due to certain situations, the data you have in OST files may become isolated and inaccessible. Mostly, when you delete your original email account with which the file was associated with before letting the data sync completely, you lose the data. The OST file left behind is rendered meaningless. And, sometimes with the virus or other malware attacks, the data inside OST files can be damaged, and break the link between the file and server and interrupts the syncing process.

With all these problems, it may be hard to get the file’s data restored.

But still, even if the file’s not corrupt, you cannot use it with other email clients, like Thunderbird.

Convert Outlook OST file to Thunderbird

Therefore, we suggest an excellent ost file converter to convert the OST files into other applicable formats, including PST, Apple Mail, EML, MBOX, and Thunderbird.

Any other methods to use Outlook OST file to Thunderbird is inefficient, tedious, and slow, and that too, if it works at all. This tool is called ‘OST Extractor Pro’ and you can try it out here for free.

Outlook OST file to Thunderbird

If you cannot open OST file in Outlook, Thunderbird, Postbox or Apple Mail, then this today.

Thunderbird to Office 365 Migration

Why is Unicode important for your Thunderbird migrate to Office 365 job? Learn it with Mail Extractor Pro!

Thunderbird Migrate to Office 365

Email files are very complex structures that have endless elements contained in them. These elements are naturally in encoded language that is not comprehensible for an average user. However, it is easy enough to understand that some elements such as HTML files have simpler encoding while other elements such as Cloud attachments, graphical content, etc have a complicated coding language.

As such, when a user tries Thunderbird migrate to Office 365 job, these elements become a little problematic to handle. The harder the encoding the more difficult it is to break and rebuild them in the new formats. The solution to this problem is proper handling of Unicode data so as to ensure that each and every element is carefully transported in a Thunderbird migrate to Office 365 job.

Unlike any other tool, Mail Extractor Pro has the skills to handle all the intricate details contained on a file irrespective of their complex nature. The files that are created after migration from Thunderbird to Outlook job are complete from inner and outer appearance point of view!

Speed of Thunderbird migrate to Office 365 job is of utmost importance to Mail Extractor Pro!

If we talk about how slowly the Thunderbird migrate to Office 365 process is dragged along, then there is no difference in the manual conversion methods or the conversion methods of ordinary tools. The users spend enormous amount of time on these jobs and end up with almost no results. It is quite frustrating and thereby an effective solution for the Thunderbird migrate to Office 365 job is essential.

The problem of unnecessary wastage of time on Thunderbird migrate to Office 365 process can be completely rectified with the use of Mail Extractor Pro. This Thunderbird to Outlook converter tool has advanced technology that does not let it cease mid-way in a Thunderbird migrate to Office 365 process.

Thunderbird Migrate to Office 365

On the contrary, the tool runs on smoothly and incessantly until the results desired by the user are presented out rightly. The whole Thunderbird migrate to Office 365 process is completed in just a few minutes. Any time variation (of maybe a few seconds here and there) depends on the size of the database.

Mail Extractor Pro gives highest priority to giving professional Thunderbird migrate to Office 365 results!

It has been well established by now that Thunderbird migrate to Office 365 process is quite tricky. Now, what we need is an irreversible solution for getting positive Thunderbird migrate to Office 365 results. Mail Extractor Pro is a professional third party converter tool that gives out refined results. The output isn’t haywire or impartial as it is in the case of ordinary converter tools.

Migrate Thunderbird to Office 365

The conversion results that are presented by Mail Extractor Pro after the completion of Thunderbird migrate to Office 365 process are of great quality. It can be said that these results are the benchmark of excellence in the field of email converter tools.

ost converter

OST file converter for Mac and Windows OS

Gear up for OST file conversion with this elaborate list of FAQs for the best OST file converter in the market – OST Extractor Pro

OST File Converter (Mac / Windows)

Have you been preparing yourselves for taking up OST file conversions? If you are in that queue, then this list of FAQs pertaining to the OST file conversions will be of great help to you. Brace yourselves for the best conversion experience as we won’t only answer questions relating to the OST file conversion but also the ones relating to the best OST file converterOST Extractor Pro.

ost file converter

Q. Are there any pre-requisites for taking up OST file conversions?

A. Well, the only pre-requisite is the ‘need’ for OST file conversions. If you have decided to shift from Outlook to some other mailing client, then you would need OST file conversions. An OST database for the conversion is basically the starting point. Thereafter the need for OST file converter comes into existence for making these conversions an actual reality.

Q. What kind of OST file conversions can OST Extractor Pro accomplish?

A. OST Extractor Pro is a multi-facet tool. It is an OST file converter that can handle several conversions such as OST to PST, OST to MBOX, OST to Postbox, OST to Apple mail archive, OST to EML, etc. Using this one tool alone, the OST file database can be carried forward to several mailing clients as per the requirement of the user. Needless to say that OST Extractor Pro is equally adept in each one of these conversion tasks.

Q. Does this OST file converter have Unicode content support technology?

A. Yes, it does. OST Extractor Pro has specific algorithms that can help extract and convert Unicode content into the desired format. It can do so for languages that use double-byte characters. Korean, Hindi, Chinese, etc are some of the non-English languages that this OST file converter can convert in a jiffy. In short, one can opt for this tool and be 100% content on the accurate conversions of their files!

Q. Does it support Outlook 2016 version?

A. Well, it supports that and many more. This OST file converter is quite well equipped. The tool is designed to suit the needs of Outlook users for versions 97 to 2019 as well as Exchange servers and Office 365. Thereby, using this one OST file converter tool alone, varied Outlook users can convert their files further to multiple output options.

Q. Can this OST file converter convert the entire content?

A. Of course it can. The tool has ultra power to extract and rebuild any kind of content that is given to it. The email files that we use have multiple elements that shape it. To convert a file in entirety, we need to convert each of these elements too. Attachment, journals, contacts, calendars, metadata, nested messages, signature stamps, etc are just a few examples from the list.

ost file conversion

A solid OST file converter such as OST Extractor Pro itself has all the required skills set for picking each one of these and further converting them into a distinct format.

ost to eml

Hack the basic skills to export OST to EML with the help of OST Extractor Pro

The name OST Extractor Pro resonates with a tool that can essentially turn around the way to export OST to EML. Although, there are a lot of ways that can be found online to export OST to EML, majority of them would be costlier and lengthier when compared with OST Extractor Pro. Needless to say, it is smarter to opt for an option that can simultaneously limit the conversion time and yet enhance the conversion experience.

Read further to know more about this amazing tool.

Export OST to EML (*.eml file)

OST Extractor Pro offers multiple benefits to the users who wish to export OST to EML.

OST Extractor Pro by USL Software is designed to convert OST to PST for Mac and Windows Outlook, Apple Mac Mail Archive, Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Database, Postbox Mails, MBOX, EML, ICS, VCF file formats

Export OST to EML

There is not just one merit of using OST Extractor Pro to export OST to EML. The conversion process has many stages/phases that a user encounters. This tool has something special to offer for each of these stages.

exporting ost to eml

Let us look into the details of these stages as well as special offerings:


The extraction phase of the OST to EML export process is quite peculiar and requires a lot of attention to detail. A slight miscalculation can lead to the incomplete transition of files. Important data can be left behind and that can essentially cost us the whole OST to EML export process. To cover up this loophole, OST Extractor Pro gives the user an option to auto-load the files.

The auto-load option basically operates on the principal of extracting the data directly from the default directories while making use of special algorithms. These algorithms support special characters too. That means that elements like attachments, non-English content, HTML files, etc get completely extracted and carried forward without any faults.


Once the data gets uploaded, we obviously move on to the basic OST to EML export process. Now with the generic tools, users end up spending enormous amount of time on converting one file after the other. For this issue, OST Extractor Pro gives out two distinct yet interrelated solutions. Bulk OST file conversion and super-fast conversion process!

Bulk conversions ensure a single conversion effort is taken up even for a large database. And super-fast speed ensures swift conversions. Of course, the first option supports the latter one in a good way.


Once the process gets completed, the user eagerly awaits the OST to EML export results. Looking at the statistics of ordinary tools, one would realize that half the tools don’t even make it to this stage. And the rest do not produce quality results. OST Extractor Pro, on the other hand, produces excellent copies of the original OST files. Every element can be found in its exact location.

Exporting OST to EML is further supported by OST Extractor Pro’s user-friendly interface and a round the clock customer care team. The tool has been winning the hearts of the users for quite some time now. Give it a try and find out more about it yourself.

How It Works

  1. Get OST Extractor Pro free trial.
  2. Install on Mac or Windows.
  3. Launch it and click on Add OST.
  4. Browse & select your desire ost files and click on Open.
  5. Check the optional settings.
  6. Choose the output format as – *eml, *ics, *.vcf for Windows Live Mail.
  7. Now hit on “Convert” to start the conversion process.

Click here to download your choice of version of this tool for exporting OST to EML.

ost to mac mail

Import OST to Mac Mail, 3 Most Talked Features

Import OST to Mac Mail…. No more atrocious processes – Adopt OST Extractor Pro’s smooth process to import OST to Mac mail.

You may have put yourself through a number of tedious unyielding processes in order to import OST to Mac mail but that horror story ends here. We have looked into various options and come to the conclusion that OST Extractor Pro is the only efficient tool to project what it promises. And that promise is to give out perfect OST to Mac mail conversion results.

Import OST to Mac Mail Archive

The thing with importing OST to Mac mail is that it almost invariably sounds like an extremely simple process to follow through. But the actual execution is much more twisted and hence must be taken up professionally. This also implies that it is never a good idea to try an ordinary method just off the counter because you would eventually get stuck in the vicious loop of trying and failing continuously.

Here is what you must do if you want to sidestep all the failures that can be encountered along the journey to importing OST to Mac mail. The first obvious step is to opt for OST Extractor Pro. If you consider the safety of your files, then you wouldn’t blink an eye before choosing this tool to import OST to Mac mail. The tool comes from the family of converters created by USL software giving it enough cushioning in the safety segment. Now that we have settled one major aspect, let’s move on to see what else OST Extractor Pro should be chosen for.

import ost to mac mail

Get an insight into 3 Most Talked about features of OST Extractor Pro

In order to import OST to Mac mail, one must know that OST and Mac Mail are two formats that come from very different origins. One comes from Microsoft while the other one is from Apple. This definitely cuts off the possibility of any sort of similarity in their file structures. It also means that the technical aspects of importing OST to Mac mail are manifold which create problems for most of the users. However, OST Extractor Pro, in its endeavor to provide smooth conversions, helps the users side-step these complications and leads them to beautiful final results.

OST Extractor Pro is designed to convert OST to PST, Apple Mail Archive, Postbox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, EML, ICS, VCF file formats.

The following 3 features are what make this tool all the more desirable for the end-user:

#1 Troubleshooter for OST to Mac mail import complications:

The tool is designed to give out a silky-smooth experience to the user. All the complex algorithms and calculations happen in the background while the user sees a simplistic representation of the same on a user-friendly screen.

#2 Smooth and comprehensive conversions:

Overall, the process is smooth and swift. It has a clean approach to the OST to Mac mail import process. In that, it picks up every component like a magnet and securely carries it along to the destination. There is no data-modification or data-damage in the process.

#3 Can be availed for free:

The tool has a full version which is very affordable. It also has a free trial version that can be utilized to test the ost to pst converter tool.

How It Works

  1. Download and Install ‘OST Extractor Pro’
  2. Launch it for conversion.
  3. Now click on “Add OST”
  4. Browse and select single ost file or multiple OST files
  5. Click on “Open”
  6. Settings [Optional]
    • Ignore Empty Folders
    • Check / Uncheck Folder
  7. Choose Output Format
    • PST File (*.pst)
    • Apple Mail, Addressbook, Calendar (iCal)
    • Mozilla Thunderbird, *.ics, *.vcf
    • Postbox Mail, *.ics, *.vcf
    • *.mbox, *.ics, *.vcf
    • *.eml, *.ics, *.vcf
  8. Click on “Convert”
how to import ost to mac mail

We have a feeling that now you can’t wait to start using this tool to import OST to Mac mail. Well, click here and get your copy right now!