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3 reasons why you too, can Export Apple Mail to PST Seamlessly

3 reasons why you too, can Export Apple Mail to PST Seamlessly

Scared of exporting Apple Mail to PST?

Moving complex data from two different platforms (Mac OS and Windows) often goes awry and leaves a bitter memory. One or few data attributes or the complete files are always left, lost, or corrupted. Time is lost. Efficiency and productivity comes down.

It is also the case with exporting Apple Mail to PST, generally. Big companies hire custom built systems or software solutions by their privately hired programmers to move their huge amount of email and other items from Apple Mail to Outlook.

What would a common individual do? They tend to either flock towards cheap or free tools risking everything – their resources, time, money, and safety of the data. Users falling on more cautious and careful faction, tend to order expensive tools without realizing the cause of its huge price.

This article is not here to inform you of a freeware or an expensive migration software, but rather to inform about a decently price, although overly effective and valuable, migration tool, goes by the name of “Mail Extractor Pro”.

Best Tool to Export Apple Mail to PST

Mail Extractor Pro equips the technology and the conversion algorithm necessary for the data extraction from Mac Apple Mail and conversion to Windows Outlook. Because, data conversion from two different platforms demands a meticulous programming and accuracy down to a very minute scale, most developers fail to do that. That is not the case with “Mail Extractor Pro”.

export apple mail to pst

Here are the four reasons why you, too can export Apple Mail to PST seamlessly with the help of Mail Extractor Pro.

1. Humble & simple but powerful & Effective

The interface for the end-users is thought-out and elegant. The overall appearance and experience of the tool is user-friendly. Generally, making a tool easy to use while also performing intricate tasks, such as email migration, is challenging for developers. Ordinary ones can either make it powerful or user-friendly, but not both.

This is not the case with Mail Extractor Pro. The conversion of Apple Mail to Outlook is performed through a straightforward wizard; each wizard screen has simple instructions to follow. More importantly, there is very limited number of manual steps or interventions a user has to perform. Majority of the tasks are automatic.

In spite of this, the tool offers incredible accuracy and safety. It took all the heavy operations behind screen, offering only a neat, easy to use outer surface for end users

2. Faster than missile conversions

Experience striking speed with which it converts your files from Apple Mail to PST. Mail Extractor Pro holds a special place in market not only because it finishes the task, but also does it in a way that makes a concrete, tangible difference in users’ lives, by offering highly valuable qualities like speed. Imagine just putting aside 5 minutes to finish Apple Mail to PST conversion, instead of a day. Imagine being able to focus on your actual business, your hobbies, your passion, instead of a frustrating and head churning technical jobs.

3. Steady As a Rock, Flexible As Water

The level of difficulty of that combination these days – a computer user can easily imagine. “Mail Extractor Pro” outperforms here, too.

It works smoothly, without any gaps, breaks, or glitches. It never freezes, crashes, or fails, even when converting mammoth sized databases.

Even so, it leaves space for flexibility and custom adjustments. A number of options/preferences are given to make it function by fitting your custom needs. Choose the location to save PST files, choose the folders for conversion, auto-load Apple Mail files or choose manually, and many other functionalities offer it unbelievable flexibility.

exporting apple mail to pst

Act Now to Export Apple Mail to PST!

Download Now:

What are you waiting for? Make sure you don’t waste another single day to experience the seamless conversion dynamics of Apple Mail to PST conversion. Exporting Apple Mail to PST will not only be easy, but also fun – because of its graceful and orderly interface.

apple mail to pst

To Export Apple Mail to PST for Outlook 2019/2016/2015 for Mac and Outlook 2019/2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/Office 365 for Windows, Try Mail Extractor Pro.

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