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How to Convert PST File to Thunderbird?

How to Convert PST File to Thunderbird?

How to convert PST file to Thunderbird? Find out here.

It is usually considered as a challenging task, but with the right method, it is certainly not.
The PST file is a proprietary file of Windows Outlook by Microsoft. It is used to save the archived data. The problem is: it is not a generic file format (like MBOX or EML) and cannot be used with any other email client.
That is why third party tools to convert the file are in use. But many of the tools are not useful to any degree. They often convert the files incorrectly, excluding a big chunk of data from processing.
Many users ask how to convert PST file to Thunderbird without any data flaws, and there isn’t a convincing answer.
Moreover, without legitimate tools, a non-experienced user can get even more frustrated. Incomplete migration is just one of the many problems with the job.
So if you are looking for those legitimate tools to export your emails, contacts, or calendar data from Outlook PST files to Thunderbird, you must be worried too.
Do not be. It is true that most of the converters are crude work of hobbyists rather than of professionals developers. But that does not mean there aren’t good programs. They are just few, and they are hard to find.
And “PST Extractor Pro” is one of them.
First off, it is the only application developed for Mac OS. All the other PST to Thunderbird converter run on Windows.
Secondly, it is developed by USL software, which is one of the reliable companies that has developed many efficient programs for migrating data. They have been in business for many years now.
And thirdly, USL has resolved all of the issues that unsettled a lot of developers before about PST to Thunderbird challenges. Lack of features, incomplete conversion, slow speed, and many others.
Now, you are going to get a simple, but modern and effective, application to convert your PST files.
PST file to Thunderbird

Let’s take a look at its features one by one, starting with accuracy of the converted data:

Accuracy of the converted Data

Incomplete migration results in flaws with Output Thunderbird files such as, broken images, no attachments, missing sender details, timestamps, emails status (read, unread, replied, seen), and loss of many other data elements.
“PST Extractor Pro” has smart algorithms to avoid this. It converts the PST files extensively, so there cannot be any instances of incomplete or flawed migration.


What good a tool if it can’t be used easily? Interface can be considered as one of the most important feature of any software program.
USL Software knows this more than anyone.
They designed “PST Extractor Pro” with the most clean, friendly, and intuitive interface. Using the tool will require no effort. The steps required to convert the data flows naturally.

Contacts and Calendar

“PST Extractor Pro” automatically converts the contacts and calendar data in your PST files to VCF and ICS file respectively.
VCF is a generic format to store contact information and can be used in many applications in wide variety of programs.
ICS is a calendar file associated with calendar app in Mac and many other calendar applications.
Additionally, you can manually choose to convert all contacts into a single VCF file, as opposed to convert each individual contact to a separate VCF file.
Same applies for calendar data. You can convert every calendar entry to a single ICS file.

Convert to MBOX, EML, and RGE

It can convert PST to many other formats, not just Thunderbird. You just have to choose from the list of output formats the one you want to convert PST to.
The next feature does not apply to PST to Thunderbird conversion, but is worth mentioning.

Split MBOX files

Big MBOX files are not good. In fact, it applies to any file. It is generally better to have multiple small files rather than one big one.
So when you convert a large PST file (or files), it is natural that the converted file would be big too. “PST Extractor Pro” offers a way around this.
You can set a limit to how big an MBOX file can be. Then the tool will create multiple files as required, but never bigger than the limit.

Supports Unicode Content

Emails not in English are complex data to pick up and convert without losing any word or damaging them. Many email migration tasks often result in the loss of emails sent by overseas clients, friends, or anyone else.
It can be painful.
Only “PST Extractor Pro” fully supports the conversion of Unicode text.

Folder Hierarchy

Most of us arrange our emails in folders. You may too. Sometimes you create folders within folders. The entire structure of these folders helps you quickly search for an email and help maintain your sanity with thousands of emails.
So, will it be any good if while converting PST file to Thunderbird, you lose this hierarchy of folders? I suppose not. But many typical programs fall flat in keeping it safe. It can be quiet upsetting.
Thankfully, “PST Extractor Pro” can keep your folder hierarchy safe.
Converting email data is a complex job. “PST Extractor Pro” simplifies it and lets you export emails safely and without any effort.
Click the link given above to download the free trial version.

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