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Export Apple Mail to Thunderbird like a True Pro!

Export Apple Mail to Thunderbird like a True Pro!

Export Apple Mail to Thunderbird quickly & hassle free. With the help of the best email converter without going down the path of data loss or corruption.

Export Apple Mail to Thunderbird Mail Database

With the rising number of email users throughout the world, the need for better email management and organization has also risen. There are many email users who depend on email management applications to organize their email database. But with developing technology, users also wish to stay up to date with the new developments and findings. Thus creating pressure on companies to constantly bring in advanced tools for high end usage to satisfy existing users and bring in more users.
Among the major email applications, Apple mail has existed for the longest amount of time and has a huge user base. Therefore, many times Apple mail users desire to change their email client in order to work in other formats. Considering that this is now getting old and other options are also available for mac users, many users express a need to export Apple mail to Thunderbird, or Outlook 2011 etc.
It is established that email migration is the only viable solution for a mac user who wants to export Apple mail to Thunderbird. But unfortunately it has always been a tad complicated for normal users. 

How do users convert Apple mail to Thunderbird format?

Since the manual process for Apple mail to Thunderbird conversion turns out to be too complicated for a normal user. The email conversion process from Apple mail to Thunderbird and other feasible formats is now in the hands of third party tools

What are third party tools and how to choose the best?

Third party tools are the email converters designed for regular users. So that they can also export Apple mail to Thunderbird without risking their data in the manual form of conversion. So in order to choose the right tool, an apple mail user can look for the following traits in an Apple mail to Thunderbird converter.
  • The tool should be easy to install
  • The tool should offer an error and bug free experience
  • The tool should provide an assurance of data safety
  • The tool should work at high speeds
  • The tool should preserve the entire email database
  • The tool should allow bulk conversion of data
  • The tool should be able to preserve Unicode content
  • The tool should allow conversion to multiple formats
  • The tool should maintain folder hierarchy
  • The tool should be consistent in results

So if you are an apple mail user who wants to export Apple mail to Thunderbird and other formats like Outlook 2011, MBOX, Entourage, EML and RGE formats. Then you should go for a tool that possesses all the aforementioned benefits.

The Mail Extractor Max is one such tool that has been created specifically for ordinary Apple mail users who need the best results in the least amount of time and effort. This tool offers all the above benefits. So it should be a wise decision for all types of users, beginners or advanced.

export apple mail to thunderbird

Try it for free!

The Mail extractor Max is now available in a free demo version. Interested users can get the free trial version and go ahead if the performance and results suit them. The free version lets you convert 10 files for each folder. So that you can be satisfied before spending any money on it.
Go ahead and get the free trial of the Mail Extractor Max here: and export Apple Mail to Thunderbird at zero hassle.

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