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Migration from Thunderbird to Outlook in few Clicks! Yes – it’s possible!

Migration from Thunderbird to Outlook in few Clicks! Yes – it’s possible!

If you have never performed the migration from Thunderbird to Outlook, you might be lucky. The solution offered below will let you do that in just few clicks of your mouse. And if you have done that before, you do know the problems faced by a general user through most of the solutions.

If you are curious, just do a simple Google search about Thunderbird to Outlook migration, and you will get the whole picture.

Migration from Thunderbird to Outlook

The amount of complications that can come up during Thunderbird Export to PST (Outlook) – or frankly, during any kind of email migration – can hurt anyone’s brains just too much.

  • Loss of images that are embedded within email bodies
  • Folder hierarchy messed up and not matching the one in original in Thunderbird
  • Text inside emails losing the format
  • Text strings damaged, only square shaped text in place of characters, especially with non-English languages, and especially with double-byte (DBCS) encoding standards used by Chinese, Japanese, or Korean languages
  • Taking too much time to convert even a single folder
  • Stuck at some point during export
  • Too difficult to perform even with a third-party commercial tool

And the list goes on and on.

If you are an experienced user for email migration, you might pull it off through the manual approach or typical MBOX file converters. But you should know that it’s not the most ideal solution, for it can convert data inaccurately.

So, want to know how you can just migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook in just few steps and face no data integrity loss?

Use “Mail Extractor Pro.”

It’s a commercial and carefully developed utility from USL Software that deals with data conversion perfectly well. Built from the grounds up, it can target the Thunderbird database automatically in a single click (no need for MBOX files or any other manual approach). The algorithms dig deep into the folders to look for data and that delivers extremely clean migration.

None of components are ever missed or converted badly. Especially including non-English text and folder hierarchy.

Mail Extractor Pro is designed for email migration from Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Postbox and MBOX files to PST file format for Windows Outlook 2019/2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 and Mac Outlook 2019/2016 / 15.6 / 2011.

And most important of all – USL Software employed much of its resources to make it as easy to use as possible. Through a creative interface based on minimal methodology, you get a streamline experience of data migration. With just few clicks, guided by the wizard, anyone can easily perform migration from Thunderbird to Outlook.

And when it comes to that, it’s a very impressive thing that most users have wanted for a long time.

migration from Thunderbird to outlook

Download for migration from Thunderbird to Outlook

Download the setup, install it, and get started. You don’t need to activate it right away. If you want, you can check it out how it works in the free trial mode offered by USL Software. This mode doesn’t lock any option or feature for up to ten items within each folder. That gives you a perfect method to evaluate anything you might have doubts with.

How to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook

  1. Launch ‘Mail Extractor Pro’
  2. Click on “Thunderbird/Postbox:Load”.
  3. Click on “Auto Load” to auto detect Thunderbird Data.
    • Or click on ‘Open’ to locate Thunderbird Profile folder from backup location.
  4. Check optional settings.
    • Ignore Empty Folders
    • PST file size limits
    • Check/Uncheck folders from preview
  5. Click on “Convert”

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Migration from Thunderbird to Outlook is super easy, try ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ today.

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