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OST to PST Converter Review – The best possible way to extract data from OST files to PST!

OST to PST Converter Review – The best possible way to extract data from OST files to PST!

OST to PST Converter Review

Microsoft Outlook uses two type of files- OST and PST to store the data on computer. OST files, as opposed to PST, are generally used for Microsoft Exchange account. Outlook creates the copy of server folders into the computer’s hard disk which enables the users to view their files even when offline. They can make changes to it and once the connection to the server is stored, the changes are synced.

Outlook uses OST in two cases – with Microsoft Exchange Server’s Cached Exchange Mode and with the Outlook Connector for Windows Live Hotmail when accessing Hotmail mail.

OST files can be a great way to synchronize your data online and offline. They offer a decent solution for offline storage of data when you are not connected to internet. However, they can be a real pain in the neck when, for some reason, OST files get inaccessible.

This can happen in more than one cases. One of the common scenario is when a user accidentally deletes his or her exchange account. In that case, the data stored in OST files can be considered as useless. The exchange account holder responsible for creating those OST files in the first place is the only one that can use and access the files. In a sense, OST files are stuck to the mail account configuration and cannot be configured, used, accessed, or backed up individually.

Another common reason might involve power failure, exchange account downtime or maintenance, or shifting the entire organization. All such events might leave your OST files inaccessible.

OST to PST Converter Review for Best Solution

The only solution left to extract your important data is to somehow convert OST to PST. PST stands for Personal storage table and is a file format Windows Outlook uses to store emails, contacts, tasks, and calendar items. PST, unlike OST, can be accessed without any Exchange account. You just have to export them to Outlook using Outlook’s wizard.

ost to pst converter review

That brings us to another, and more crucial, question. How can you convert OST to PST? You can employ some of the freeware OST to PST converters. But those are extremely risk, might result in permanent data loss or any such unwanted activity.

OST and PST are completely different and have entirely distinct set of coding framework. That makes the task of extracting data from OST files an extremely challenging.

Fortunately, there is a solution for OST to PST conversion. There are few third party tools available that could make the task effortless for you. Moreover, it features some of the best recovery technology that can recover full data from your OST files and accurately extract it to PST.

ost to pst converter reviews

OST to PST Converter Review – Choose the best

If all you want is to get back your data as soon as possible, without going into too much trouble, the above OST to PST converter will suit your needs perfectly well.

Moreover, these OST to PST Converter also offers free trial version for evaluation purpose. Has some limitation, but you will get enough time in your hands to measure its potential. Once confident about it, go for the full paid version.

Hope this will help you to get right OST to PST Converter. After reading the OST to PST converter Review, go to the product site download & try it fist before purchasing any ost to pst converter tools.

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