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Convenient Substitute to Convert EMLX files to PST!

Convenient Substitute to Convert EMLX files to PST!

How to convert EMLX files to PST? Here is an alternative and best way convert your Mail data.

After being a Mac user for years, I switched to Windows. I am now in a Windows club after being in a Mac club for years. And they were some fine years. However, due to some of my business demands, I had to move to Windows computer. It was more of a business-related decision rather than a personal use. I still have a MacBook Pro for personal work (because I love OS X platform), but a part of my business activity (particular emails and coding related work) required Windows.

The switch to a different operating system was not easy. But the hardest part was to get the email data in Apple Mail to Windows Outlook.

This post will discuss a way to get all your emails transferred conveniently and safely.

How to Convert EMLX files to PST?

Before all of this, I had no idea about the data files and the native profile database folders of all these email clients. But I knew Mac Mail uses EMLX files to store messages: each EMLX file for a single individual email. And they are stored inside .mbox file packages that are not exactly the standard MBOX files that the industry uses for all other purposes. I also knew that PST is a personal backup data file Windows Outlook uses and can also import data using PST.

But there’s no way to archive data in Mac Mail to PST files in Mac OS X. The only way forward, apparently, was to use a third-party EMLX to PST file converter. And so, I did that.

There were few converters that appealed to me. A user is required to load the EMLX files on to such a file converter, which in turn, will convert them to PST.

But they just didn’t work as I expected them to. First of all, all of them were incredibly hard to use for a beginner like me. The user interfaces of most of those tools were non-friendly to say the least.

And why did I use so many of these EMLX to PST converters? One simple reason was because none of them met my needs in a professional way. Many of them had poorly designed UIs, others had poor framework of algorithms that didn’t convert data accurately. And that latter part was the worst. Most tools to convert EMLX files to PST didn’t take metadata and other minute details from the files. So, the output was severely lacking in data integrity. There were missing components likes images, attachments, headers, non-English text, and so on.

Best Way to Convert EMLX files to PST

Finally, I came across a tool that was surprisingly proficient at everything. From a user-friendly interface to accurate algorithms to tech support, it worked flawlessly.

The tool is “Mail Extractor Pro”,  and its free trial version can be downloaded here.

emlx to pst converter

The primary reason why this tool works is because it doesn’t need you to manually load EMLX files. You can simply select Auto-load option and it will target your Mac Mail profile/identity database directly. This removes any human error and by targeting the source, it increases the precision of conversion significantly.

It also converts other formats to PST files, like Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage, and standard MBOX files.

convert emlx files to pst

Get it to convert EMLX files to PST

Try it! I highly recommend the tool, if you want to move your emails from Mac Mail to Windows Outlook without losing your data integrity.

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There’s 24 x 7 customer support that will answer your questions or resolve any of your problems (if you face any) immediately.

Get ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ today to convert EMLX files to PST / Apple Mail to PST.