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Import OST to Outlook 365 – The Smart Solution!

Import OST to Outlook 365 – The Smart Solution!

Import OST to Outlook 365 (Windows/Mac) can be super easy, you choose the right tool.

OST Data file

OST is one of the Outlook data files along with PST. This post refers to Outlook 365 as an email client, inside the Office 365 suite by Microsoft. But if you want, the solution below applies to standalone Outlook apps as well, such as Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2019.

Here is some important info about the OST file:

  • OST file is used with Outlook 365, IMAP accounts, Exchange accounts, and accounts
  • It is a synchronized copy of your mailbox on servers stored in your local computer, allowing for offline use
  • Any changes during offline mode is later synchronized with the mailbox on servers when the internet is back up
  • The software does not let users manually import OST file to Office 365.

It should be noted that the last point above can create a situation where you have inaccessible OST file with you that you cannot import.

But fear not! By converting it into PST file, you can easily get the data restored. You just cannot do it directly, but with the help of a professional tool, it is not that difficult.

There are plenty of OST to PST converters suited for Outlook 365. But they have a few issues or shortcomings that can make the job a nightmare.

Imagine the following scenarios:

  • You spent hours converting OST files to PST, draining your productivity
  • You notice the images inside your emails are not displaying correctly
  • Some of the attachments with the emails are not showing up, especially the large files
  • Unicode or non-English text in your email bodies, email addresses, or headers are broken or not showing up at all.

It is clearly a bad scenario. And yet, most converters have no solution to help you avoid it. That is why professionals and savvy users stay away from ordinary OST to PST converters that do not convert data with precision. They also have sloppily built user-interfaces and no safety to protect data integrity.

Want to know which tool they do employ to save themselves from frustration?

Way to Import OST to Outlook 365

It is called “OST Extractor Pro.” One of the most convincing fact that this tool works perfectly is simply that it is brought to you by USL Software, the leading company that has been offering professional solutions for email migration needs for years now. They have not let down any of their clients and users through these years, and all their tools have raving reviews and recommendations.

import ost to outlook

“OST Extractor Pro” is the same.

Through highly sophisticated features and internal programming, it is the only converter that works without the above listed issues. It will convert all your large attachments, Unicode text, MIME headers, graphics, and more with accuracy. Also, the smart interface lets any beginners or basic home users interact with the tool easily.

import ost to outlook 365

The entire process of importing OST to Outlook 365 can be done by converting the file to PST in no time.

Speed is another one of its amazing qualities that many will love, especially if you value time. Even the large OST file can be converted to PST in just a few minutes without compromising with the other aspects like performance, stability, and accuracy.

Get it to Import OST to Outlook 365

It is available for both Mac and Windows platform and comes in several licenses for varying needs of individuals or companies. Pick the one that you want. Or get a free trial first and find out more about it in detail.

ost to outlook 365

Get ‘OST Extractor Pro‘ for Windows or Mac to import OST to Outlook 365 / OST to Office 365 for Mac & Windows.