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Mac Mail to Thunderbird Migration (Migrate With Ease)

Mac Mail to Thunderbird Migration (Migrate With Ease)

Emails have been the prime method of communication in this data driven world. Everyday, lots of data is being transferred from one place to another. There is no problem if this data keep getting stored at a single place and is accessed by a single account.

The real problem arises when you need to transfer all this data from one account to another. And one such email transfer is migrating data from Mac Mail to Thunderbird.

Mac Mail to Thunderbird Migration is one of the most popular email conversion process. Both Mac Mail and Thunderbird famous and have a very large user base. But conversion between both the email clients is no joke.

Mac Mail and Thunderbird : The two giants of email world

Mac Mail is an email client that comes with MacOS by default. The email client is one of the most popular email clients on MacOS side. It is free and the official email client provided to its users by Apple. The features and interface of the tool makes it a very good choice.

Thunderbird on the other hand is a free email client that comes to your from Mozilla. It has also garnered a large user base with its features. It is a cross-platform and open source tool. With regular updates and a large community to help the new users, makes it a very popular choice. it also allows you to add extension to enhance the user experience.

Mail Extractor Max: The Mac Mail to Thunderbird Migration Tool

Many Mac Mail users have been making the switch towards Thunderbird. Be it the interface of the email client or ability of the tool to support more extensions and add ons. But this shift isn’t as easy as it seems.

Importing Mac Mail data to Thunderbird is a very tricky process. Mac Mail supports storage of data in local storage space. Thus, the data archive is very large and converting it with the help of IMAP protocols isn’t possible.

You need a specialized tool for extracting the data from the local storage and converting it into Thunderbird compatible format. Mail Extractor Max is that tool.

Mac Mail to Thunderbird Migration

The Apple Mail converter from USL Software is the best option to go with for your Mac Mail to Thunderbird Migration

Scan your database with ease

The tool scans your database to detect all the data present in it. Then it extracts all the data stored inside your folders in the native Thunderbird database which can be imported.

Methodology used by Mail Extractor Max trumps other methods and keeps your data safe during the entire process. There are no gaps or losses experienced with the tool.

It makes sure that all of that data is onboard for your Mac Mail to Thunderbird Migration so that you don’t face the problem of data loss.

To The Point Conversion of your data

The conversion accuracy and precision of the tool ensures that all the data that is loaded up is converted by the tool without any problem.

The tool converts all kinds of data including Unicode, metadata and even the nested messages with ease. You get all of the data converted from input file without failing and you suffer no data loss.

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Download the trial version of the tool to take a closer look at all this and a lot more.