"A Convenient Approach to Import from Mac Mail to Thunderbird!"

A Convenient Approach to Import from Mac Mail to Thunderbird!

There are many ways to import from Mac Mail to Thunderbird for Mac and Thunderbird for Windows.

But almost all of them don’t work perfect with all kinds of databases. Picking the best method can turn out to be overwhelming. Find out here what you can do to import data with convenience.

Import from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

When you switch your email clients, often you also need to move your data as well. If all your emails are on the servers, you can add the email account to your new client. It will sync the data itself. However, many users have locally archived data (not on servers). And moving them to a new client can prove to be a very difficult job.

One such process is during Mac Mail to Thunderbird email client transfer. If you have folders saved locally on Mac Mail, you are gonna have to move them to Thunderbird and that can be difficult.

Even though both of the email clients support MBOX, it is still not simple. Because Mac Mail doesn’t natively store your data in MBOX. You are going to have to manually do that.

Solution to Import from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

We have a better solution. If you want a large database to move and that which contains sensitive emails, the best way to do this is through a professional software tool that is built with necessary features and can process data elements with accuracy.

It is “Mail Extractor Max”.

Import from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

You can download the setup here. There are difference licenses for different needs. You can try it in a free version that works on ten items from each folder.

If before that, you want to know more about the features, here’s a short list that will let you know the best parts of “Mail Extractor Max”.

The Key Features

  1. First, let it be known that “Mail Extractor Max” supports Data migration between Mac Mail directly (from the “Mail” folder) to Thunderbird. There’s no need to look for any files (like EMLX or MBOX) and convert them manually one by one.
  2. The tool allows to convert any backup databases that you may have stored. With this option, you have to specify the location of your database directory.
  3. It is fully built around the support for handling the more complex non-English text characters found in Unicode standard, such as Chinese and Japanese (double-byte characters instead of single byte).
  4. The tool also takes care your folder hierarchy and maps it on to the output Thunderbird files correctly without misplacing or messing up the arrangement. This is partly because it converts the database directly as opposed to converting the individuals files.
  5. The interface is is very easy for beginners even though the tool has the power and the features for advanced migration projects. The friendly interface allows even the non-experienced users and beginners to import from Mac Mail to Thunderbird conveniently.

Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Free Trial To Import from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

You can download the free trial version using the link below. Using the tool directly is the best way to find out more about it and see how it actually works with your database.

Try it here: https://www.mailextractormax.com/

You can import from Mac Mai to Thunderbird (both Mac & Windows) using ‘Mail Extractor Max‘ at zero hassle.

"PST to MBOX Mac OS X Conversion Quick and Easy!!!"

PST to MBOX Mac OS X Conversion Quick and Easy!!!

How I Converted PST to MBOX Mac OS X Accurately with No Efforts and How You Can Too!

How to Convert PST to MBOX Mac OS X

PST to MBOX Mac OS X conversion can be tough. And I knew that going forward when I had to change my entire computing platform from Windows PC to Mac OS X.

During this transition, I was also handed the unfortunate task of moving all my email data across from Windows Outlook to Mac Mail. Changing operating systems is hard as it is, but the hardest part is to migrate your email data.

Most users have emails on their servers so they just add the email account to Mac Mail and download them. But I had a massive database that I couldn’t keep on servers so I had to make a local copy of all of them into PST files. To migrate them to Mac Mail through the similar manual approach, I had to first upload or sync data from PST to the servers of an email provider that offers space equal to the amount of data I had, and then, download them back in Mac Mail.

I was sure that wasn’t going to work. First of all, even the best email provider, Gmail, offers 15GB of data to be stored on a single account. Secondly, even if somehow the problem of less allowed space was solved, I still couldn’t manually go through each step of such process to successfully migrate data. It just wasn’t a practical solution.

Naturally, I started gravitating towards third-party solutions.

I was disappointed by reading some of the stories of users trying out those solutions from third-parties. Usually, a commercial tool is supposed to relieve stress and offer a seamless way through any process but the world of email migration is different.

But it wasn’t so bad as later came to realize.

PST to MBOX Mac OS X Converter

After trying out many PST to MBOX Mac OS X converters, I finally stumbled upon a tool called “PST Extractor Pro”. And to my surprise, the tool has overcome many challenges that other tools failed to do so. “PST Extractor Pro” made most of my concerns go away. I was able to convert all of my PST files to MBOX without any trouble.



Here are some of the most noticeable features of “PST Extractor Pro” that I think makes the most difference:

  • It can handle large PST files and in bulk. I was able to convert my several PST files that were quite massive in no time.
  • The tool features some advanced algorithms that extract the contents and all the information associated with the PST with utmost precision.
  • The intuitive UI makes it possible even for a beginner like me who has no grasp on any technical side of email migration to use the tool successfully
  • It allows Unicode text conversion as well, such as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters.
  • It converts contacts and calendar data automatically to VCF and ICS files respectively

Overall, I was very satisfied with “PST Extractor Pro”. It made me realize that I was needlessly worrying about the task of converting PST to MBOX for Mac OS X.

Convert PST to MBOX

You can download it here and give it a shot using the free trial version.

"OST Recovery Tool (Recover, Repair and Convert OST file)"

OST Recovery Tool (Recover, Repair and Convert OST file)

OST recovery is a tedious and intimidating process. Due to the complexities associated with this task, it is generally recommended to not try the process manually,. Most professionals are using a professional tool for the process, as required. However, still there has been no unanimous decision made as to which tool is the best for the process. With this article, we have tried to make our contribution as to which tool is the best for OST recovery and end the debate once and for all.

However, let’s begin with understanding OST format


OST format is one of its kinds. Developed by Microsoft to store mailbox content offline, it has been a huge boon for many professionals around the world. It allows for editing all mailbox content offline and circulating them with ease.

However, there are many drawbacks associated with this format. Two of them with which we should concern ourselves are – OST formats’ fragility and its indirect link with Outlook.

Let’s begin with first drawback. OST format is a weak format. This format has been designed for offline usage, given less storage capacity and is stored on hard drive. Thus, this format is vulnerable to many attacks. These attacks can render this format useless, corrupt and make it disappear.

The other problem is that even when with the help of a tool we recover such lost or corrupt files, they will not be usable. For them to be usable they have to be imported in Outlook. For this to happen OST files will have to be converted to PST format with a tool again. This indirect link with Outlook poses a big problem for many professionals.

So, the best recovery tool for OST should not only recover it but also convert it because only that will make the recovery process complete. Only then you will be able to use those OST files in Outlook. And this should be your motive in looking for a tool. Therefore we believe a tool which can carry out both these responsibilities well should be considered the best tool for OST recovery. Therefore, we nominate OST Extractor Pro by USL software.

ost recovery


OST Extractor Pro is a premium tool made after meticulous research. It is built on a ground breaking technology and equipped with amazing features. As its name suggests the tool can extract OST files easily. It can also convert them to any format customer desires. Not just PST but any format of any standard email client.

The tool further preserves the original folder hierarchy and executes its task in the shortest span of time. OST Extractor Pro is extremely easy to use, all thanks to its super easy graphical user interface. Its self -explanatory wizards make the whole process of OST recovery a delight.

ost recovery tool


The best part of the whole deal is a free trial version of OST Extractor Pro. This demo version allows everyone to explore the tool to one’s heart’s content.

So, what are you waiting for? Get OST Extractor Pro right now!

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"OST to PST Converter, that works with Mac & Windows"

OST to PST Converter, that works with Mac & Windows

Fastest OST to PST converter – ‘OST Extractor Pro’. Download it now.

OST Extractor Pro converts files in minimum time. Complex, big sized OST files are converted in few minutes with 100% accuracy. Try the tool now and save your precious time. Also explore the unique features of the tool.

OST Extractor Pro- developed by ‘USL Software’.

Brief introduction of OST to PST conversion:

OST to PST conversion is the only way if you wish to recover OST files. OST files are of no use if they are not exported to the online servers. They are stored offline and it gets really difficult when there is a need to export them to the online servers. Unfortunately, they cannot be imported to outlook because of their incompatible file format. The only solution to use the OST file is to convert them into PST file format.PST files are supported by most of the servers and it can be further used for different purposes. PST files are Microsoft outlook files that are used to store the data. They are also used to recover data like email, journal, notes, images etc.

Manual conversion of OST files is time taking process:

If you are planning to convert your OST files manually, let me tell you it is not a good idea. First of all, the process is time consuming. If any issues come up in between of the process, then it becomes nearly impossible to convert the file. There are many challenges faced during manual conversion:

  • User has to be technically sound and should know everything about the process.
  • There are high chances of failure.
  • There is no guarantee that the data will be converted successfully.
  • The result may or may not be accurate.
  • As already mentioned, the process is time consuming.
  • It is impossible to recover the data from corrupted OST files.

Use the fastest and the safest OST to PST converter -‘OST Extractor Pro’.

If you really wish to convert your files in the safest mode and time is really important to you, then go for OST Extractor Pro. It is the fastest tool to convert your files. It can convert large sized file in couple of minutes. You don’t have to wait for anything. Everything will be done swiftly. The algorithms running in the background are time efficient which makes sure that everything is converted in least time.

ost to pst converter

OST Extractor Pro accepts everything in the input file:

Items like images, attached files in the body of the email, NON-English texts, complex files, metadata, headers on the body of the email, etc are hard to convert. But OST Extractor Pro makes sure that everything is converted. It leaves nothing behind. Even the password protected and encrypted OST files are also recovered by the tool.

OST Extractor Pro can convert OST files to:

PST, EML, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox.

OST Extractor Pro is 100% Safe and the fastest OST conversion tool.

Start using the OST to PST Converter

Download the trial version of the tool now by clicking on this link.

You can go for full version as well. You can download it for windows/Mac. Link: https://www.uslsoftware.com/convert-ost-to-pst/.


"Ideal PST to MBOX Converter for Mac Free with a Complete Set of Essential Features"

Ideal PST to MBOX Converter for Mac Free with a Complete Set of Essential Features

PST to MBOX converter for Mac are few. Most of them are Windows based. And sadly, the fact that most of those few Mac compatible converters are poorly programmed doesn’t help either.

PST to to MBOX Converter for Mac

But today we have an ideal solution for your job of converting PST to MBOX files in Mac directly. It is called “PST Extractor Pro”.

PST to MBOX Converter for Mac

Let’s take a quick look at what it does, how it works, and what features it has to make this a seamless process for the users:

Converting Volume of PST Files Together!

If you have multiple PST files, you’d generally have to convert them to PST one by one using a Windows based tool. But with this PST to MBOX converter for Mac free tool, you can do it in bulk. Any volume of large PST files can be converted by selecting a single folder that contains all those files.

Automatically Converts Contacts and Calendar

Most PST to MBOX for Mac or for Windows often convert only emails. This would leave you with a painful job to convert contacts and calendar using another third-party tool. With “PST Extractor Pro,” you don’t have to worry about that anymore. It automatically converts contacts to VCF and calendar entries to ICS files.

Moreover, you also have an option to merge all entries per folder into a single file.

Control the size of Output MBOX files!

Another one of those priceless features that is often missing in ordinary converters is the ability to split or limit the size of output MBOX files. If you have large PST files, it’s natural that the output will also be large in size and that can be a problem when importing MBOX files to Mac Mail or Thunderbird. Therefore, “PST Extractor Pro” lets you limit the output size and it will automatically create multiple MBOX files if they cross your specified limit. This way you get to convert all your data from PST files to multiple small MBOX files as opposed one file that’s massive.

Keep read and Unread Emails in Different Folders!

Conventional PST to MBOX converters for Mac (and even for Windows) can turn your unread emails into read emails. For some users, this may not be a huge problem but for many others, it’s a big obstacle. It makes managing your emails afterwards incredibly hard. And what if you were planning on reading your unread emails when you had free time but now during conversion, the tool has converted them all into read emails.

“PST Extractor Pro” not only keeps the read/unread status preserved but also gives you an option to save them to separate folders.

Download PST to MBOX Converter for Mac

PST Extractor Pro” has simplified the process to a huge extent. Where once even the top experts would feel intimidated by the prospect of converting PST to MBOX, now even a normal beginner can convert easily.

Check out the trial edition now at https://www.pstextractorpro.com/.

"The Best Possible MBOX to PST Converter Full Version- Including a Free Trial Version!"

The Best Possible MBOX to PST Converter Full Version- Including a Free Trial Version!

MBOX to PST Converter Full Version

Looking for MBOX to PST converter full version, then here is the article for you.

MBOX files are generic files used by many applications across the platforms. It was natively associated with Mac Mail, but the standard MBOX file is no more used by default by Mac Mail.

One of the most common source from where users get MBOX files is through Google takeout feature, which allows users to download the data from Google services like Gmail. That MBOX file can be used in many email clients including Mac Mail and Thunderbird to view the contents.
Except Outlook (Windows and Mac).

Users of Outlook cannot import MBOX files. PST format is a common compatible files in both versions that you can use for importing data. But that requires to first convert the Google MBOX file to PST and that can be quite daunting.

But there are simple solutions to do that. This article will offer you the best and most accurate MBOX to PST converter full version and a free trial version that will offer everything that you need. This converter is not built conventionally but from the scratch by the experienced tea at USL Software. They have made it into a smart email migration utility with all the different functionality that one needs to make this as seamless as possible.

It’s called “Mail Extractor Pro” and you can download it here – https://www.mailextractorpro.com. It’s a link to download the setup file. You can install it within few minutes and get started through its free trial version. It’s a great way to find out how it works rather than reading about it. And once your mind’s made up, you can buy the full version by activating through any one of its several pricing packages that suits you.

mbox to pst converter full version

The Key Features

You can download it right now and check it out. Or alternatively, continue reading to find out about its prominent features.

Batch conversion

The tool supports converting multiple MBOX files to PST in bulk. It doesn’t falter during heavy conversion projects and will run smoothly regardless of how large or in what number you are converting the files.

Converts Unicode Content

Some languages are harder to convert due to the characters they use, like Chinese, which uses double-byte to encode a single graphical character. “Mail Extractor Pro” converts emails in all languages.

Splits Large PST files

It allows users to specify a size limit for the output PST files so that they don’t get too large and offer problems while importing them to Windows or Mac Outlook. The tool can split the large files into smaller files automatically, if required.

Converts all items

Emails not only contain text, but a lot of other sophisticated data components. Like images, attachments, metadata and headers, nested emails, and more. The tool contains advanced algorithms ensuring clean conversion of everything.


it’s programming allows it to run smoothly without hiccups, resulting in far quick conversion than any other conventional methods. It’s impressive considering the fact that it supports batch conversion and always offer precise output without errors.

mbox to pst converter

Download MBOX to PST Converter Full Version

Get it here: https://www.mailextractorpro.com/

Mail Extractor Pro” is available to download for free for the trial version. And it has few pricing licenses for the full version for different needs. Download the setup file now. You will never need anything ever to professionally convert MBOX to PST files with best results.

"Convert EMLX to MBOX in a Few Clicks – Try This Best Converter from USL Software!"

Convert EMLX to MBOX in a Few Clicks – Try This Best Converter from USL Software!

Convert EMLX to MBOX

The best way to convert emlx to mbox with a excellent software from USL Software.

EMLX to MBOX conversion is often for the purpose of getting Mac Mail data in a format that’s generic across platforms and apps. EMLX is a native, raw file format, automatically created by Mac Mail when you download emails from the email servers. Each email stored in a separate EMLX file.

It has to be noted that EMLX file doesn’t contain attachments. Attachments are stored inside EMLXPART files.

By converting EMLX files into MBOX, you get a file format that’s generic for all Mac email clients and many other programs even in Windows, like Thunderbird.

But the problem with EMLX to MBOX conversion is that it can get tricky, complicated, and not at all accurate. That’s because there are no third-party converters to offer the conversion in a seamless way. You can manually drag the mailbox folders into the desktop, which converts the files into MBOX files, but it is too long since you have to do it manually for each folder one at a time, and it also doesn’t work for contacts and calendar.

So, what can you do?

Fortunately, there’s a way that will get you to convert EMLX to MBOX seamlessly, or at least, get you to finish the task for the same objective of Mac Mail to MBOX export.

The answer lies with “Mail Extractor Max” from USL Software. And it’s biggest feature is that it doesn’t even convert EMLX to MBOX, but rather handles the Mac Mail profile database (where EMLX and every other data files are stored).Through this direct conversion approach, you get an unparalleled level of precision over your data integrity.

convert emlx to mbox

Every single item gets converted to a safe and clean MBOX file, ready to be imported anywhere you want.

Here are some of the features of “Mail Extractor Max”:

  • The full dedicated logic to convert the Unicode text, meaning, it will convert the text inside emails regardless of any language they are in. It also includes support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, which is hard to convert because of their DBCS encoding standard.
  • Keeps the folder hierarchy maintained throughout the conversion. You will not get a messed up structure of folders in the output MBOX files.
  • Since it directly converts from the database and not EMLX to MBOX, it also automatically converts the contacts and calendar data into VCF and ICS files respectively
  • You can even convert Mac Mail to standard MBOX, EML, Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage, and Outlook Mac easily
  • The intuitive GUI allows even the first-time users to professionally convert their email data without efforts

Download to Convert EMLX to MBOX

Get the best EMLX to MBOX converter today. The link to download the setup is below. You can install it and start using it in a free trial version right away. Activate it to full version later as you see fit and only after you have seen it working in action.

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Get ‘Mail Extractor Max‘ today to convert EMLX to MBOX.

"Convert OLM to MBOX Free Download of “OLM Extractor Pro”!"

Convert OLM to MBOX Free Download of “OLM Extractor Pro”!

Convert OLM to MBOX Free Download of an Ultimate Tool

OLM Extractor Pro,” by USL Software, began as a project to eliminate all challenges and pains of the task concerning the conversion of OLM files into MBOX files. And USL Software has pulled it off with perfection. The tool provides essential components for a safe and quick conversion of the involved data files.

It is basically a one in all converters for converting OLM files into other formats. (Such as Apple Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird, and so on.) OLM to MBOX conversion is only one (and most users) of its features.

So, if you are up facing an otherwise lengthy and demanding process of converting OLM to MBOX files, you can take advantage of the free download of “OLM Extractor Pro.” It allows you to check out all the features and interface and lets you convert ten items per folder. You can later activate the version that doesn’t put any limitations of the number of items you can convert by choosing the type of license that suits your needs.

convert olm to mbox free download

Why “OLM Extractor Pro” Quickly Rose to Prominence!

OLM Extractor Pro” from USL Software is the most used and recommended software application by experts in this field. It quickly became the first choice even in corporations with large migration projects involving OLM to MBOX conversions, which previously relied up on expensive and custom-built tools. But with “OLM Extractor Pro,” it is now possible for everyone to get the files converted with little to no-efforts (and without the loss of data fidelity), even the first time, basic home users.

convert olm to mbox free

Features of “OLM Extractor Pro”

So, what made the tool popular and the best choice for this process? Let’s look at its most helpful features to help clear that up.

  1. First of all, it has simply the most intuitive graphical UI that any email migration can have. The typical tools have a complex wizard that requires manual steps and many other unnecessary inputs, making the job cumbersome. USL Software eliminated most of them, designed the UI to perfection, and simplified the entire process significantly.
  2. The algorithms used for processing and capturing the complex information within your OLM files are advanced and precise. It allows users to convert the data without facing any sort of integrity loss. It never loses or misses the elements like images, attachments, metadata, headers, and so on during conversion.
  3. Some of the unique features that other tools either fail completely or don’t offer correctly are – the ability to convert OLM to MBOX while keeping the folder hierarchy preserved the ability to convert text in any language (that includes Chinese and its other variants like Japanese and Korean.)
  4. Batch conversion support makes it the only tool that can handle large projects with multiple and large OLM files with ease. You will never find it crashing or running incorrectly even when converting OLM Files in bulk. Simply choose the folders that contain all the OLM files and convert them to MBOX in a single click.

Convert OLM to MBOX Free Download

Those four features mentioned above make “OLM Extractor Pro” truly a significantly better and distinctive OLM to MBOX converter that no other converter can match.

And you can get your free download copy by clicking the link given below. It converts ten items per folder and gives you a clear idea of its mechanisms, interface, and other features.

Download Now At http://www.olmextractorpro.com/.

convert olm to mbox

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Try it now. Convert OLM to MBOX free download of ‘OLM Extractor Pro‘ for hassle free email conversion.

"Convert Gmail MBOX to PST Free using the demo version of an excellent software app called “Mail Extractor Pro,” developed by USL Software."

Convert Gmail MBOX to PST Free using the demo version of an excellent software app called “Mail Extractor Pro,” developed by USL Software.

Best way to convert Gmail MBOX to PST

Convert MBOX File to PST Free using the demo version of “Mail Extractor Pro,” from USL Software.

Today, we are going to see how this tool works, what are its top features, and why it has quickly risen to the top in the recommended lists for converting Gmail MBOX to PST.

But first, here’s a quick intro about the basics of the task itself. What exactly is Gmail MBOX to PST converter and why it is needed?

Gmail Takeout (Gmail MBOX)

Gmail is a free emailing service by Google. And the Google’s takeout feature allows you to download all of your data. In any of the Google’s services like Blogger, Contacts, and Gmail into an MBOX file. The option has potentially many uses, one of which is to clear up space that Gmail offers (15 GB by default, but you can also buy more). You can archive emails to an MBOX file and delete them from the servers.

What is MBOX?

MBOX is a generic file format that can be used with many apps like Mac Mail and Thunderbird. However, it’s a bit trickier for Windows Outlook users, either on Mac or Windows. As Outlook doesn’t support importing MBOX files.

So, this is where MBOX to PST converter comes in. You can convert the Gmail MBOX file to PST, either free or with the help of paid tools, and then import the PST into Outlook (PST is a native file for Windows Outlook but can also be used to import into Mac Outlook).

And before we proceed further, let’s just nip this in the bud: Free Gmail to MBOX converters are not worth your time and efforts. Sure, they sound tempting because of the “free” tag but unfortunately, it’s not that simple. They are often full of bloatware, ads, and sometimes even viruses and malware. And also they are incredibly hard to use, and even if you find your way through their complex interfaces. The algorithms they use to extract data are poorly written, resulting in data integrity errors. They often miss details inside the files and end up with fragmented output PST files. It’s not uncommon to find missing email addresses, broken images, corrupted metadata and headers, messed up folder hierarchy, missing text characters, and other similar errors.

Therefore, they are far from being free in the long run, if you value your time, efforts, and safety of your data.

Convert Gmail MBOX to PST using ‘Mail Extractor Pro.

One of the best professionally built tools is “Mail Extractor Pro“. It is built by one of the leading software solution company called USL Software. USL Software always goes an extra mile to bring excellent utilities that work efficiently and deliver accurate results. Same is with “Mail Extractor Pro.”

convert gmail mbox to pst

It has unmatched features that offer great flexibility and ease of use to all kinds of users, ranging from home users to IT professionals.

Some of the most notable ones are:

  • Support for batch conversion
  • Option to split large PST files
  • Ability to preserver folder hierarchy, email items, attachments, and also to convert non-English text correctly
  • It’s not within the context of this post, but it’s important to mention that the tool also features direct Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Postbox to PST conversion
  • Ability to ignore/exclude all empty folders from the output files in a single click
  • Manually select/deselect folders within the selected MBOX files

And much more. It’s not a surprise anymore that many IT professionals are fond of “Mail Extractor Pro” for their large and complex migration needs. The tool provides every essential feature to go through an otherwise very tedious and tricky task of MBOX to PST conversion. And the intuitive interface also makes it the best software tool even for basic and home users with relatively lesser complex conversion needs.

Download it to convert Gmail MBOX to PST

If you need to find out more or want to see personally how it works, you can head to the download page. And you can directly get a setup file without signing up or providing any information. It installs in under 2 minutes. You can get started with the free trial with little to no efforts.

Download Now: http://www.mailextractorpro.com/.

convert gmail mbox to pst free

Activate the full version through a paid license later whenever you want. It is highly recommended tool to convert Gmail MBOX to PST or any mbox files to pst file format.