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Convert EMLX to MBOX in a Few Clicks – Try This Best Converter from USL Software!

Convert EMLX to MBOX in a Few Clicks – Try This Best Converter from USL Software!

Convert EMLX to MBOX

The best way to convert emlx to mbox with a excellent software from USL Software.

EMLX to MBOX conversion is often for the purpose of getting Mac Mail data in a format that’s generic across platforms and apps. EMLX is a native, raw file format, automatically created by Mac Mail when you download emails from the email servers. Each email stored in a separate EMLX file.

It has to be noted that EMLX file doesn’t contain attachments. Attachments are stored inside EMLXPART files.

By converting EMLX files into MBOX, you get a file format that’s generic for all Mac email clients and many other programs even in Windows, like Thunderbird.

But the problem with EMLX to MBOX conversion is that it can get tricky, complicated, and not at all accurate. That’s because there are no third-party converters to offer the conversion in a seamless way. You can manually drag the mailbox folders into the desktop, which converts the files into MBOX files, but it is too long since you have to do it manually for each folder one at a time, and it also doesn’t work for contacts and calendar.

So, what can you do?

Fortunately, there’s a way that will get you to convert EMLX to MBOX seamlessly, or at least, get you to finish the task for the same objective of Mac Mail to MBOX export.

The answer lies with “Mail Extractor Max” from USL Software. And it’s biggest feature is that it doesn’t even convert EMLX to MBOX, but rather handles the Mac Mail profile database (where EMLX and every other data files are stored).Through this direct conversion approach, you get an unparalleled level of precision over your data integrity.

convert emlx to mbox

Every single item gets converted to a safe and clean MBOX file, ready to be imported anywhere you want.

Here are some of the features of “Mail Extractor Max”:

  • The full dedicated logic to convert the Unicode text, meaning, it will convert the text inside emails regardless of any language they are in. It also includes support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, which is hard to convert because of their DBCS encoding standard.
  • Keeps the folder hierarchy maintained throughout the conversion. You will not get a messed up structure of folders in the output MBOX files.
  • Since it directly converts from the database and not EMLX to MBOX, it also automatically converts the contacts and calendar data into VCF and ICS files respectively
  • You can even convert Mac Mail to standard MBOX, EML, Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage, and Outlook Mac easily
  • The intuitive GUI allows even the first-time users to professionally convert their email data without efforts

Download to Convert EMLX to MBOX

Get the best EMLX to MBOX converter today. The link to download the setup is below. You can install it and start using it in a free trial version right away. Activate it to full version later as you see fit and only after you have seen it working in action.

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Get ‘Mail Extractor Max‘ today to convert EMLX to MBOX.