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The Best Possible MBOX to PST Converter Full Version- Including a Free Trial Version!

The Best Possible MBOX to PST Converter Full Version- Including a Free Trial Version!

MBOX to PST Converter Full Version

Looking for MBOX to PST converter full version, then here is the article for you.

MBOX files are generic files used by many applications across the platforms. It was natively associated with Mac Mail, but the standard MBOX file is no more used by default by Mac Mail.

One of the most common source from where users get MBOX files is through Google takeout feature, which allows users to download the data from Google services like Gmail. That MBOX file can be used in many email clients including Mac Mail and Thunderbird to view the contents.
Except Outlook (Windows and Mac).

Users of Outlook cannot import MBOX files. PST format is a common compatible files in both versions that you can use for importing data. But that requires to first convert the Google MBOX file to PST and that can be quite daunting.

But there are simple solutions to do that. This article will offer you the best and most accurate MBOX to PST converter full version and a free trial version that will offer everything that you need. This converter is not built conventionally but from the scratch by the experienced tea at USL Software. They have made it into a smart email migration utility with all the different functionality that one needs to make this as seamless as possible.

It’s called “Mail Extractor Pro” and you can download it here – It’s a link to download the setup file. You can install it within few minutes and get started through its free trial version. It’s a great way to find out how it works rather than reading about it. And once your mind’s made up, you can buy the full version by activating through any one of its several pricing packages that suits you.

mbox to pst converter full version

The Key Features

You can download it right now and check it out. Or alternatively, continue reading to find out about its prominent features.

Batch conversion

The tool supports converting multiple MBOX files to PST in bulk. It doesn’t falter during heavy conversion projects and will run smoothly regardless of how large or in what number you are converting the files.

Converts Unicode Content

Some languages are harder to convert due to the characters they use, like Chinese, which uses double-byte to encode a single graphical character. “Mail Extractor Pro” converts emails in all languages.

Splits Large PST files

It allows users to specify a size limit for the output PST files so that they don’t get too large and offer problems while importing them to Windows or Mac Outlook. The tool can split the large files into smaller files automatically, if required.

Converts all items

Emails not only contain text, but a lot of other sophisticated data components. Like images, attachments, metadata and headers, nested emails, and more. The tool contains advanced algorithms ensuring clean conversion of everything.


it’s programming allows it to run smoothly without hiccups, resulting in far quick conversion than any other conventional methods. It’s impressive considering the fact that it supports batch conversion and always offer precise output without errors.

mbox to pst converter

Download MBOX to PST Converter Full Version

Get it here:

Mail Extractor Pro” is available to download for free for the trial version. And it has few pricing licenses for the full version for different needs. Download the setup file now. You will never need anything ever to professionally convert MBOX to PST files with best results.