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PST to MBOX Mac OS X Conversion Quick and Easy!!!

PST to MBOX Mac OS X Conversion Quick and Easy!!!

How I Converted PST to MBOX Mac OS X Accurately with No Efforts and How You Can Too!

How to Convert PST to MBOX Mac OS X

PST to MBOX Mac OS X conversion can be tough. And I knew that going forward when I had to change my entire computing platform from Windows PC to Mac OS X.

During this transition, I was also handed the unfortunate task of moving all my email data across from Windows Outlook to Mac Mail. Changing operating systems is hard as it is, but the hardest part is to migrate your email data.

Most users have emails on their servers so they just add the email account to Mac Mail and download them. But I had a massive database that I couldn’t keep on servers so I had to make a local copy of all of them into PST files. To migrate them to Mac Mail through the similar manual approach, I had to first upload or sync data from PST to the servers of an email provider that offers space equal to the amount of data I had, and then, download them back in Mac Mail.

I was sure that wasn’t going to work. First of all, even the best email provider, Gmail, offers 15GB of data to be stored on a single account. Secondly, even if somehow the problem of less allowed space was solved, I still couldn’t manually go through each step of such process to successfully migrate data. It just wasn’t a practical solution.

Naturally, I started gravitating towards third-party solutions.

I was disappointed by reading some of the stories of users trying out those solutions from third-parties. Usually, a commercial tool is supposed to relieve stress and offer a seamless way through any process but the world of email migration is different.

But it wasn’t so bad as later came to realize.

PST to MBOX Mac OS X Converter

After trying out many PST to MBOX Mac OS X converters, I finally stumbled upon a tool called “PST Extractor Pro”. And to my surprise, the tool has overcome many challenges that other tools failed to do so. “PST Extractor Pro” made most of my concerns go away. I was able to convert all of my PST files to MBOX without any trouble.



Here are some of the most noticeable features of “PST Extractor Pro” that I think makes the most difference:

  • It can handle large PST files and in bulk. I was able to convert my several PST files that were quite massive in no time.
  • The tool features some advanced algorithms that extract the contents and all the information associated with the PST with utmost precision.
  • The intuitive UI makes it possible even for a beginner like me who has no grasp on any technical side of email migration to use the tool successfully
  • It allows Unicode text conversion as well, such as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters.
  • It converts contacts and calendar data automatically to VCF and ICS files respectively

Overall, I was very satisfied with “PST Extractor Pro”. It made me realize that I was needlessly worrying about the task of converting PST to MBOX for Mac OS X.

Convert PST to MBOX

You can download it here and give it a shot using the free trial version.