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Outlook 2011 to OS X Mail Migration Experience Softened

Outlook 2011 to OS X Mail Migration Experience Softened

OS X Mail, in other words, Apple Mail for Mac OS X, is a very good email client with lots of features. On the other hand, Outlook 2011 is an email client by Microsoft that also has its own sets of unique features and is quiet efficient for managing emails.

Outlook 2011 to OS X Mail Migration

I’ve been using both of them for years. I used Apple Mail in my home Macbook Air, and Outlook 2011 in my office Mac computer. Though I enjoyed both of them and their features, Outlook 2011 had a little problem.

Outlook 2011 to OS X Mail Migration Experience Softened 1

It kept on corrupting under issues such as power failure, hardware failure, viruses, etc. It didn’t effect me much because the IT department would fix it very soon.

But, it did give me an idea to install Apple Mail in my office computer as well. My boss had no issues in me doing that, which was surprising, because all of our office computers had Outlook 2011 and I thought it would be weird if I had something else for managing my emails. That would create problems with IT department. But, I guess, it didn’t.

Office suite was already installed in my computer. All I had to was to launch Outlook 2011 (a part of Office suite) for the first time, set up the preferences and start using it. I did all that. So now I had to move all my Outlook 2011 data to this new Apple Mail database.

I decided to do that myself because of two reasons – I didn’t want to assign another non-official work to IT department because of my own personal reasons. And, I didn’t them to see my emails and data.

Little did I realize how difficult and painful could the whole experience be. But I don’t want to go into the details of my failed attempts at migrating Outlook 2011 to OS X Mail. Let me just say that I found it incredibly hard.

Sometimes the conversion was incomplete, sometimes it took more than 5 hours, and sometimes I used the tools that didn’t have those features that I wanted for an effective migration.

Outlook 2011 to OS X Mail Migration Tool

The important thing is that right after I was on the verge of quitting, and killing my self-respect by asking IT guys to do it for me – I found the best solution. It goes by the name of “Olm Extractor Pro” and has all the features and qualities that I wanted, that anybody would want in my situation.

Outlook 2011 to OS X Mail Migration Experience Softened 2
Olm Extractor Pro can convert Mac Outlook 2011 / 2016 / 2019 (*.olm) to Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage Archive, Thunderbird Email Database, MBOX File (*.mbox) and EML File (*.eml).

The migration was quick, complete, accurate, and the tool’s interface was easy to use. There were no glitches or any confusion along the process. Everything flowed naturally.

The tool basically converts the Olm files (Outlook 2011 format for storing data) into Mbox files for Apple Mail. It keeps all the attachments, images, and other data safe and converts everything to Mbox without any irregularities.

Give it a try

I suggest you all to give this a try.

Download at –

Download the free version of “OLM Extractor Pro” for Outlook 2011 to OS X Mail Migration.

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