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What to Do if You Cannot Import Outlook OLM to Mac Mail

What to Do if You Cannot Import Outlook OLM to Mac Mail

The better approach to import Outlook OLM to Mac Mail. Drag and drop method can be lengthy and inaccurate. Find out a safer and quicker technique to import Outlook data using OLM files.

Import Outlook OLM to Mac Mail

Outlook OLM is not compatible with Apple Mail. Therefore, users go towards other alternative ways to transfer emails, contacts, and calendar data, such as drag-and-drop method or converting OLM files to the supported format using tools.

Many use drag-and-drop technique to move Outlook OLM data to Mac mail.

It works like this:

  • Drag the folders from Outlook Mac to Mac desktop. The data turns into MBOX files.
  • Import the MBOX files to Apple Mail.

The issue with this technique is:

  • It does not convert contacts and calendar
  • Get too lengthy if there are many folders to migrate
  • It does not convert a folder within a folder
  • Thus, it does not preserve the folder hierarchy
  • It can be incomplete and inaccurate, leading to corrupt output files
  • Difficult and tedious

Which brings us to third party tools that converts the OLM (Outlook data files) directly to MBOX (Apple Mail native file format). But that too has many drawbacks because of incorrectly designed converters.

Most of the OLM file converters that you will find online are counter-productive. They were built with very little effort. The algorithms use for data extraction are weak. The UIs are burdened with poorly arranged features, making an already task even more troublesome.

But there is also a good news among all this.

Import Outlook OLM to Mac Mail using “OLM Extractor Pro”

USL Software has been a celebrate name in the email migration circle for years now. They have been consequential in making the job of transferring data a doable one for beginners and experts likewise.

OLM Extractor Pro” is one tool among their long list of email migration programs that has changed the attitude towards converting Outlook OLM files for other email clients.

It offers easy to use interface along with many advanced features, all arranged nicely to make sense for the first time user. Without any background on email migration related tasks, any normal user with enough skills to operate a computer and perform simple jobs like sending an email will have no trouble navigating around the tool.

It is a big achievement considering how complicated the job is. It is even more impressive because USL Software didn’t compromise on any aspect. In fact, it gives more freedom and flexibility on an individual user wants to export data. It is also more powerful, able to deal with multiple OLM files conversion in a batch, without affecting the accuracy.

import outlook olm to mac mail

Will it convert everything within the OLM files to Apple Mail?

OLM file is a data file of Outlook that contains everything including mails, contacts, and calendar data, along with many other items and information associated with them. Such as the graphical data that a user embeds within an email body, attachments, and properties such as to, from, cc, bcc, and subject line.

Also includes headers, timestamps and date, S/MIME define content, flagged status, read/unread status, starred or not-starred, etc.

All of this is safely converted from OLM to Apple Mail by “OLM Extractor Pro.” There is no loss. There is no unwanted modification.

If you are willing to give it a try, download the free setup below. It works on ten items for each folder inside an OLM file, while giving access to all the features.

Read More:

Where all other free trial versions of typical converters limit their functionality, “OLM Extractor Pro” works almost like a full complete version. You can play around with its features and see it working in action.

Try it for free to convert OLM to Apple Mail.

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