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OLM to Thunderbird Converter – Convert Outlook for Mac to Thunderbird Mail Database

OLM to Thunderbird Converter – Convert Outlook for Mac to Thunderbird Mail Database

OLM to Thunderbird Converter for Quick, Thorough, and Easy Migration

Looking for OLM to Thunderbird converter? This article will give you the information you need. And by the end of it, you will able to convert your OLM files to Thunderbird compatible files effortlessly.
Professional OLM to Thunderbird converters are extremely rare. Here’s one that will give you the exact features you need for successful data transfer.

Thunderbird has gained a lot of reputation in last few years, after their update to include MBOX format. It’s an email client that is unlike any other and that is why it appeals to a particular group of users. That’s not to say that it’s user base is small; it’s rather big. But some of the software solutions are not easily found as it can be for other clients.
Anyway, that’s not the point of this post though it serves a necessary context.
The point of this post is to talk about the task of getting your emails from Mac Outlook into Thunderbird. This can be difficult. There are few OLM to Thunderbird converters that can efficiently get it done for you. Most of them are truly non-user friendly and can damage your original data.
But fortunately, Thunderbird has an in-built support that supports MBOX files now. This makes things a lot better and quicker and easier. MBOX is a generic format that is compatible with Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, and many other email clients.
But here’s the bad news – MBOX is not supported by Mac Outlook. It uses the Microsoft’s proprietary file format called OLM files, and that’s it. It neither imports nor exports data in MBOX format. So, that sounds like another stuck situation.
Here’s where the incredible OLM conversion tool by USL Software will come to your aid. It’s the best OLM to MBOX converter out there. But calling it just a converter is a grave mistake and is a disservice to its true capabilities and potential, and frankly, is a bit unfair to the team of developers behind it.

OLM to Thunderbird Converter By USL Software

OLM Extractor Pro,’ due to its modernistic approach for UI and sharp data computation logic, raises the bar significantly. So much that it has to labeled under something else than an OLM to MBOX converter. We can call it an email migration utility package for moving your Mac Outlook.

olm to thunderbird converter
The reason for this claim is the kind of features that it offers. You have a lot of control on your hand and can tweak the settings just as you see fit. Or you can simply let the wizard guide you automatically for the default conversion. Either way, you get accurate, thorough, and safely converted output MBOX files with zero corruption events interrupting it.
You can split the large MBOX files And, even convert contacts and calendar to VCF and ICS files respectively. The support for non-English languages also offer a great value that other tools never did.
To summarize, USL Software has done a great service here in developing the tool that can finally help users for an otherwise very difficult job of OLM to Thunderbird conversion.

And here’s the bonus feature – ‘OLM Extractor Pro’ can also convert OLM files to EML and RGE files. It also converts them directly to the database folder for Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Entourage 2004/2008 email clients.

If you still find yourself in doubt (which is totally reasonable for a rational buyer), you can get a free trial version here – This will get you a clearer idea of how it can help you in your particular case. Register for the full version after you are satisfied (whenever that is).
To convert / import olm to Thunderbird, try OLM Extractor Pro.

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