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OST to PST Conversion for Outlook 2019 (Mac & Windows)

OST to PST Conversion for Outlook 2019 (Mac & Windows)

The real OST to PST Conversion for Outlook 2019 does not have to be tough or painful or time-consuming. What it really is easy doable and manageable. People usually attempt to convert their OST files manually. This has led to its bad image among many. However, when the task is carried out with the help of a professional too, it can really be a life-saver.

The one tool which we really recommend is OST Extractor Pro.

OST to PST Conversion for Outlook 2019

OST to PST Conversion for Outlook 2019

Not only OST Extractor Pro makes OST to PST Conversion for Outlook 2019 executable but also simple. Yes, the graphical user interface of OST Extractor Pro is very proficient in making customers’ journeys through this dreadful task a smooth one.

OST Extractor Pro simple and interactive wizard make customers feel at home. They don’t feel like they are attempting a task as hard as OST to PST Conversion. Plus, the self-explanatory wizards of OST Extractor Pro help in making OST to PST Conversion for Outlook 2019 a delight. Customers can easily click their way through such a difficult task in no time at all.

Bulk conversions are not exclusive to this wonderful tool. It has everything it needs to carry out beautiful bulk conversions. Bulk conversions can be very risky and time consuming but not with OST Extractor Pro. This tool uses batches the database and converts them simultaneously. It therefore has both speed and quality to its conversions which is quite rare.

Entire recovery is easily made possible by OST Extractor Pro. The tool has apt understanding of constituent parts of OST mails, and therefore, it does not fail to convert even a single one of them to PST. The tool therefore does not leave anything behind and performs complete and thorough recovery of OST.

OST Extractor Pro will also preserve folder hierarchy. This is necessary for the post-conversion phase which involves finding the desired file for work among the newly converted files. Since the arrangement of folders is exactly the same therefore, customers do not face any hardship in accessing their files and resuming their work.

Get it for OST to PST Conversion Outlook 2019

OST Extractor Pro has a free trial version which can be used to gain understanding of the functioning of OST Extractor Pro. The free trial version has a limited usage time, but other than that, it allows full manifestation of its features for customers and let them decide the tool’s worth for themselves.

But before downloading the tool, make sure you have the following requirements:-


OST Extractor Pro only works with MAC OS 10.11, 10.12, 10.13.

For Windows

In Windows OST Extractor Pro does not require Microsoft Outlook anymore. However, it requires Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 or higher. It is only compatible with Outlook 97 to 2016 or office 365 OST files, along with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and server 2008/2012.

OST to PST Conversion Outlook 2019

What you need to do is get OST Extractor pro right now and see whether it really fits your needs. But we ensure you that you will have a pleasant experience with the tool.

Grab OST Extractor Pro right now to convert OST to PST Outlook 2019.