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Open OST File in Outlook – Bringing Pro-Standard Consistency You Need!

Open OST File in Outlook – Bringing Pro-Standard Consistency You Need!

In a way, there is no way to open OST file in Outlook. OST is a format that works internally with the client for storing emails and other contents. So, if you have the data in isolated and inaccessible OST files, you cannot open or import it to Outlook.

But if that were all, this post would have no reason to exist.

So, how to open OST file in Outlook

The good news? You may not open OST file in Outlook directly, but by converting it to PST files, you can import all the data you want in the form of PST.

Though, this file conversion process can be scary, if this is your first time. Even if you are experienced and have done this a few times before, the past failures and faults could make it overwhelming. Because many of the common ways are not up to the par with what users generally expect – Quick conversion, retaining all the details and information, simple and easy, and more.

If you wish to open or import OST file in Outlook by converting it to PST, your best bet would be to go with ‘OST Extractor Pro.’ It is the proven software tool for data migration with confidence and pro-standard consistency.
No more inconsistent results that gives you annoying integrity errors. No more wasting countless hours out of your busy day only to find partial migrated data. And no more scratching your head trying to figure out how a converter works.

The OST Extractor Pro is the only ost file converter tool that works on both Mac and windows. It convert ost file into many output formats, including PST file (*.pst), Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, EML, ICS and VCF file formats.
open ost file in outlook

Open OST file in Outlook With OST Extractor Pro

OST Extractor Pro” features answers to all these challenges, in a way that makes it suitable for all users and all degrees of migration projects.

#1 Easy to use interface

First of all, the most acknowledged part of the converter is undoubtedly the interface, the central component of any software that makes the biggest impact. Without a friendly interface, many of the capabilities could go unnoticed. In fact, sometimes, the useful features could prove to be unnecessary addition due to the complex ways a poor UI makes them harder to implement.

With this one, there are no mistakes in its UI design – All the top features are there without the byproduct that is cluttered interface.

how to open ost file in outlook

#2 Safe and accurate conversion

Second, the centralized mechanism carries out the processing of all there is in your files with consistency and 100% accuracy. Many tools often only claim to convert data thoroughly, but only ‘OST Extractor Pro‘ has the programming and algorithms to back it up.

how to open ost file in outlook for mac and windows

Try it! Pick up the demo version and see it for yourself.

You will not find a single broken or partially converted item, called date integrity flaws. Not only does it convert every item, but also retains their metadata and the placement within the database. For instance, you can expect for all the unread emails to remain unread (generic solutions lose the ‘unread’ status), all the folders mapped in correct hierarchy, all graphics inside emails dealt with, and all the email headers intact.

There are more features that we couldn’t practically cover here (such as splitting large PST files, option to convert OST to other formats not just recover data from OST to PST, ignoring empty folders, and so on), but you should directly jump into the action with the free trial version to asses a clearer and accurate value of this tool for yourself.

Get the OST Extractor Pro for Mac or Windows version to open OST file in Outlook for Mac and Windows.