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OST and PST Conversion- Procedural Scripts to Maintain Data Quality and Many More Features!

OST and PST Conversion- Procedural Scripts to Maintain Data Quality and Many More Features!

OST and PST files may be Outlook file but converting them still proves to be a monumental task. Even higher end users find it laborious and cannot avoid the pitfalls, like drop in data quality.

Here is a fix.

Let us first get a few things out of the way:

OST is an Outlook data file that you cannot import manually. It works an integral file responsible for data syncing and offline access among other things. PST, personal storage table, is literally a “personal” file for importing/exportig, archiving, backing up, and more. Even though one is a variant of other, the difference is a large enough to weigh down the process and makes things harder.

Also, the fact that modern day emails have more complex types of information than it was decades before. Any medium or means of conversion needs more factors to account for than ever before.

The result: Convert OST to PST Outlook 2019 (or even other versions) is chock-full of challenges.


And speaking of drop in data quality after conversion, this often means the items are not processed and converted, or are not in their original structure. This loss of data is called integrity loss.

Components like headers, images, large attachments, and Unicode characters are more likely to take a hit. Any single deficit or misplaced content could be destructive beyond measures.

Imagine converting OST to PST files and finding that the personal and precious pictures that your overseas friend sent you are not gone. It may be fine if you had original OST and you could try the conversion again. But how many emails are you going to open one by one to look for such damages?

So, what is the fix?

Let us shift the conversation from how difficult and taxing this task could be to how it can be a child’s play. And without the devastating errors.

USL Software called it “OST Extractor Pro.” The tool is the opposite of essentially all other subpar solutions found today.

ost and pst
  • It is simple, yet brimming with power and functionality.
  • It runs in-depth and layered scans to protect your data quality and never misses a beat. The adaptive algorithms keeps the structure, text formatting, metadata, and everything the same.
  • It makes everything simpler for an untrained user with the help of smart UI design that minimizes the complexity.
  • Each uniquely challenging part of your data is handled by a separate mechanism, where other tools work under a single and static network of algorithms.
  • Methodical approach to trace and map the folders and keeping their order intact.
  • Native and baseline support for Unicode text

Tired of reading from the sidelines. Jump in and grab your own free trial copy now. Fire it up and be part of the action. This edition limits the items to ten per folder during conversion, but no restrictions to the actual features and is also not limited by time.

Also, note:

  • there is a tech support team as well, available virutally day and night to take up your queries or even offer teamviewer support.
  • “OST Extractor Pro” is cross platform: has Windows and Mac version both. Both work and looks practically the same. On top of that, one license gives you access to both platforms’ versions.
  • It is full OST migration utility, which means, PST is just one of the output format. You can even convert the OST to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, or directly to more standard files like MBOX or EML.
  • The upgrades are always offered at no cost. They are, and will always be free.
ost and pst conversion

This article’s focus was on ‘OST Extractor Pro‘ that supports OST and PST files from all Outlook versions from 97 to 2019, including 2013, and also from Office 365 apps and exchange.