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Is There a Way to Convert EML to PST online?

Is There a Way to Convert EML to PST online?

There has been a multitude of online apps for tasks spanning from simple email web-UI to digital manipulation to everything else in between. As the web-browsers like Chrome and the programming technology has gotten more advanced and utilitarian, many of the traditional desktop-based apps that work on the local PCs have been replaced by the web-based apps that you don’t need to install and can directly use through your web-browser and internet. This has led many users to look for ways to convert EML to PST online. In this article, we will take a look at what this task is, what are the challenges and if converting these files online is a good idea or not.

What are EML and PST files and Why convert them?

EML are standard email data files used for storing email messages. They were first brought to use in Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail, but since then has been the standard for email files. PST, on the other hand, has the similar use but only for Windows Outlook. You can use PST to import data in Mac version of Outlook, but you cannot use PST in Mac for all other purposes.

The above passage may have given you hint on why to convert EML to PST online in the first place. It’s because when you want to use the data in EML in Outlook client, you cannot do so directly without first converting them to PST format. Because PST is the native file in Outlook, converting EML to PST makes it easier to get all the data in Outlook client.

Converting EML to PST Online?

As we mentioned above, many of the traditional desktop-based software have been replaced by online, web-based apps that can be used on browsers like Chrome and requires no installation. But is it also the case for EML to PST file converter apps?

The answer is no. Because email data files are much more complex than any other traditional files and require heavy processing, the web-based mechanisms of converting them have not been successful.

Converting EML to PST files online have other challenges as well. It is not safe to upload your email files to a server-based software on the internet. And even if everything were fine, the conversion itself would take a lot of time, especially if the data and the structure is needed to intact and like original.

The truth of the matter is that web-based applications are not yet suitable to convert EML to PST online.

But that’s not a bad news. There are few excellent desktop-based offline applications that will help you convert EML to PST in no time and while also protecting the integrity of your emails and whatever other information files have stored in them.

Here is, what you need…

One of such professional applications is called “Mail Extractor Pro.” It is not merely for EML to PST; you can also convert your native Apple Mail and Thunderbird identity/profile database to PST without needing any files. You can also convert MBOX to PST safely. EML to PST is just one of its features among the host of other possibilities of email migration.

convert eml to pst online

Easy and Powerful Tool

It works simply by first prompting you to load the EML Files you want to convert; you can choose multiple files in one go. Then, optionally, you can manually uncheck/remove any folder that is not needed to be moved to Outlook. You can also specify how large you want the output PST file to be; any file larger than the specified limit will be split into smaller files for easier importing back to Outlook. That is all that is required for “Mail Extractor Pro” to work from the users’ end.

The tool is built with smart processing logic that is calibrated and refined to offer clean conversion of every kind of data inside the input EML Files (or other input sources like Apple Mail). It is one of the very converters that supports Unicode/non-English text natively, has a targeted algorithms to secure the folder hierarchy, and to process all other kinds of information without loss or error.

The images/graphics, links, email addresses, contacts, calendar, text formatting, nested emails, cloud-based attachments, large attachments, and everything else inside the files are converted with all the details fully preserved. You will never find a single item missing or corrupt.

What’s more?

The tool is incredibly simple to use by anyone. Just install and start it up; you will intuitively understand what to do and how to use it. The interface is designed by the USL Software to keep the advanced functionality intact without overwhelming the beginners. This is why, it is the only application that works in all kinds of scenarios – from high-end projects to simple migration projects at home.

Besides, with USL Software, you are also entitled to services like free lifetime updates and technical support available all around the clock, via chat and email. You can also get in touch with the support to help you out with your task and if needed, TeamViewer assistance is also available to make things simpler for you.

Get it today

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“Mail Extractor Pro” is an EML converter wizard tool that has made all other software in this category, including the web-based apps to convert EML to PST online, impractical, and inefficient. It’s a Mac based software that works directly on your Mac OS and is very lightweight with practically minimal resource use. You can pick any one of the licenses that USL Software offers; personal, household, or commercial. Or you can also try out the demo version at first to find out more about it. The tool is a notable exception to all other traditional ways of converting EML to PST online or even offline. It has been the favorite of many experts and beginners for this job. And through free trial version you can find out why without any commitment to full license.