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Mac Mail MBOX to PST – Quick, Painless Approach to Data Migration!

Mac Mail MBOX to PST – Quick, Painless Approach to Data Migration!

When you are assigned with converting Mac Mail MBOX to PST, it can turn out to be a difficult day. Unless you have “Mail Extractor Pro”. It can not only convert MBOX to PST but also Mac Mail Profile database to PST. Both options are available to you.


MBOX is a generic file used by many software programs and even Google. But it is not applicable with Outlook Windows or Mac. So, you need to convert it first into PST.

Mac Mail Profile Database to PST:

Mac Mail does not use MBOX, at least not the standard MBOX. Instead, there is EMLX File. A single EMLX file stores a single message; EMLXPART files store attachments. You can convert this database directly to PST.

Convert Mac Mail MBOX to PST

Mail Extractor Pro” is the only tool that delivers clean conversion and both input options stated above. The second one (direct database to PST) is recommended if you can. But if you only have Mac Mail MBOX files, then that too is a viable option.

Mac Mail MBOX to PST

It also supports MBOX files from other sources such as Thunderbird and Google.

How to Convert Mac Mail MBOX to PST

  1. Launch and click on “load” on Apple Mail or MBOX files
  2. Make your choice: Autoload or manually load backup databases
  3. Tick folder boxes to convert
  4. Click ‘Convert’
  5. Wait for the conversion to be over.

How to Convert Mac Mail MBOX to PST

Mail Extractor Pro” can give you the most detailed and exhaustive conversion possible. With any other tool, you are likely to find your output files missing information or the metadata is modified. Most susceptible to data loss are the items like headers, Unicode content, attachments, Images, and links. But this tool runs the scan deep and takes every little byte of information into consideration.

The dedicated logic to map the folders from Mac Mail MBOX to PST ensure the hierarchy is not disturbed. You will get every folder in the same location and order as it was originally in Mac Mail.

Some key points:

  • Dedicated Unicode support is a massive relief for users with non-English and DBCS characters that use double-byte, such as Chinese or Korean
  • It also converts Postbox and Thunderbird files to Outlook.
  • The option to split large PST files helps importing manageable sized PST files easily into Outlook
  • The 24 x 7 help is available in the form of tech support team.
  • You can ignore or exclude all empty folders in a single click.

“Mail Extractor Pro” is a quick solution to convert emails and other items from Mac Mail MBOX to PST. But it is also known for the more advanced projects that are needed in corporations.

This is one of the features that shine the brightest. If you are home user, you can use it freely and without any issues. But if you are an IT technician, you can benefit from its sophisticated functionality (batch conversion, detailed conversion log, tech support, etc.).

Try it today for Mac Mail MBOX to PST Conversion

There is no commitment for the free trial version. Get it before activating the full version.


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