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Convert Apple Mail (EMLX & MBOX) to Eml in Manageable Simple Steps

Convert Apple Mail (EMLX & MBOX) to Eml in Manageable Simple Steps

Looking to convert Apple Mail to Eml files? You have come to the right place.

Eml files are used by Outlook Express as well as other email clients and programs. If you are looking to either switch to a different email client from Apple Mail, or simply like to transfer data from Apple Mail to other clients, it’s a good idea to convert data form Apple Mail to Eml files.
Eml files are supported by many clients, such as, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. So you can import your Apple Mail data to all these clients easily.
However, it is hard to find a good Apple Mail / MBOX or EMLX to Eml converter. Most of them don’t work properly in a practical way. If you have tried to do the same, you’d know it doesn’t go smoothly.

The frequently faced problems are –

Inaccurate– Inaccurate tools don’t convert the files thoroughly. The images, email attachments, meta-data, email headers, nested messages, etc. are mostly found missing from the converted files.
Slow– Most tools are painfully slow. It can become an ordeal for users who have a large database to convert.
Not easy to use– The features of any software is a mute point if there is no interface to interact and use those features. Or if the GUI is convoluted. Most tools are with frustrating GUI.
No Support for non-English text – To preserve the text in non-English requires some hard work in the algorithms for data conversion. The current-gen tools fail to offer the solution for converting all languages data.
There are many more problems with the current-gen tools for converting Apple Mail to Eml. Such as losing the folder hierarchy, not enough flexibility for effective migration, no support, etc.
Therefore, the course of email migration can be prickly. But it’s not like there is no proper way to convert the data. Consider yourself lucky that you are here because I am going to reveal a simple to use, yet powerful and functional tool for file conversion.
It’s called “Mail Extractor Max”. You can download it here for free.

The tool is free of all the problems and complications that are described above. Through intelligent logic used for data conversion, the tool has made into a place where you get an effortless data migration experience.
Probably the biggest feature one could have wanted with these tools is the simple, effective, and quick conversion of data to Eml files directly. “Mail Extractor Max” accomplishes this by auto-detecting the “Mail” folder in your Mac where Apple Mail stores the content. It then directly convert the data to Eml files without ever needing Mbox files.
All of this can be done in just few clicks without putting any effort. The company behind it, USL Software, has gone extra miles to make the interface as simple as possible without cutting down on features and power.
The graphical wizard, designed creatively by USL developers, turns an otherwise overly daunting job into manageable simple steps, even for complete beginners.
CLICK HERE to read more about Mail Extractor Max.

Try the free demo version now!

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