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Convert Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac by Converting the Profile Database Directly to PST Files!

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac by Converting the Profile Database Directly to PST Files!

Looking to convert Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac? You’ve come to the right place.

You have been using Apple Mail for quite some time. But now it’s time to switch to Outlook 2019 or 2016 for Mac. But you have no idea how to transfer all that data you accumulated over the years in Apple Mail.

Does that sound like you?

Don’t worry. This post will help you migrate your data successfully from Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac.

There are few ways you can get it done. Let’s take a look at them and also let’s see which one would be best for you.

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac Using MBOX file Converter

Most common approach to convert Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac is through a MBOX file converter. These converters extract contents from MBOX files and convert them into either OLM or PST files.

NOTE* – It’s a good thing that Outlook for Mac supports the native file of Windows Outlook – PST. Though, the native data file for Mac Outlook is otherwise OLM.

With a decent MBOX to PST or OLM converter, you can get your data migrated to Mac Outlook 2019 or 2016 version. But there are many problems with these converters. To begin with, they require MBOX file, which is an archived data file and therefore bound to have some data flaws. It also requires you to manually archive data to MBOX files in Apple Mail.

But the biggest problem of all with these regular converters is that they are not built with precise algorithms. You will most certainly encounter misplaced or missing components in your output files for Outlook for Mac. Most likely, email attachments, metadata, SMTP headers, non-English text characters inside emails, folder hierarchy, and images are not converted with accuracy.

Manually Convert Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac

Manual email migration method usually does not require any conversion. And by definition, they also don’t require any third-party application. Therefore, it can be tempting to manually migrate data, but the results are often dissatisfying if not totally disastrous.

Thus, before I proceed with the steps on how to manually move data from Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac just for the reference purpose, it’s necessary to point out that manual approach is the riskiest of all. And it has plenty of other drawbacks as well.

  • Begin by creating a new dummy email account that supports IMAP sync method. Preferably Gmail, but you can choose other providers too.
  • Add that Gmail account to Apple Mail.
  • Drag the folders that you want to migrate inside the Gmail folder. This will sync all your local data to the Gmail servers, provided the data you want to migrate doesn’t cross the allowed space offered by Gmail. (15GB free for basic account)
  • Add the Gmail account now to Outlook for Mac.
  • Create a new folder in Outlook locally.
  • Drag the folders from Gmail to the local folder on Outlook for Mac. This will now sync the data from servers to the client and will be stored locally.

So, this is one way of transferring Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac without any third-party application. But as you can probably see, it’s not the best solution. It doesn’t work for users with large Apple Mail database. It requires internet connection and high data usage (both upload and download limit should be large). And it also takes time. But worst of all, you can find data fragmentation, especially if internet connection doesn’t work properly during sync.

And now, as we have seen that MBOX file converters and manual approach are two solutions to migrate data, but are not the best.

The next section will dive into the ultimate solution that has no drawbacks. It doesn’t lose the integrity of files, it’s quick, it’s accurate, and it’s easy for anyone to perform.

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac Using “Mail Extractor Pro”

Mail Extractor Pro” is a third-party application developed with an intention to remove all sorts of problems associated with email migration. Brought to you by USL Software, “Mail Extractor Pro” really does offer the best approach for safe migration.

convert Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac

It is not the regular MBOX to PST or OLM converter, though it offers that as an option for times when necessary. But it has a far better feature that can auto-load Apple Mail database automatically and converts it into PST files. It can also be used if you are moving away from Apple Mail to Windows Outlook. Basically, you can export your emails to any client that supports PST file.

“Mail Extractor Pro” is a sharp program with advanced algorithms and features that converts the complex email data with utmost precision. You wouldn’t find anything missing or converted inaccurately. From your attachments to email formatting, from metadata to the email headers, and from folder hierarchy to non-English characters, it converts everything without any exception.

The features you need to know

It’s also incredibly easy to use, thanks to the minimalist inspired design of GUI. The interface works in favor of beginners and less-experienced users and experts alike. Without diluting the performance or removing any functionality, USL Software achieved a simple interface that is intuitive and natural to use even for the first timers.

Other than that, it also features the following options, which add a great amount of flexibility you cannot find elsewhere:

  • Allows splitting of large PST files, set maximum PST file size manually
  • It allows manual folder selection after loading Apple mail with the help of filters
  • Allows custom/traditional MBOX to PST conversion (though not recommended)
  • Brief and detailed log report
  • Support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and virtually all other languages

Try free to convert Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac

There’s also tech support round the clock that completes the entire “Mail Extractor Pro” utility. And makes it a whole software package instead of just another file converter.

You can get the free trial setup here and check out everything personally. Get it today to convert Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows.

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