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Mac Mail to Postbox Converter to go for: Mail Extractor Max

Mac Mail to Postbox Converter to go for: Mail Extractor Max

Mail Extractor Max, another superb tool from the house of leaders in email solutions, USL Software. The tool designed to give you control precision and power for your email conversion process. But why only Mail Extractor Max? Read to find out.

Mac Mail to Postbox Converter


The answer of this question can be found in the long list of advanced features that the tool has to offer. No ordinary Mac Mail to Postbox Converter can provide you with such features.

mac mail to postbox converter

Multiple Output Options

This Mac Mail to Postbox Converter provides you control by offering you the choice to select the format of your output file. Yes, you can convert your Mac Mail files not only into Postbox but also into Thunderbird, EML etc.

The tool is not only a Mac Mail to Postbox Converter but a multipurpose converter that can deal with your need to convert your file into more than one format.

No need of looking for another tool to convert your Mac Mail into a different whenever you previous Mac Mail to Postbox converter failed to do so. Just switch to Mail Extractor Max and get rid of this problem for forever.

Accurate, Safe and Secure

Safety is another feature that is addressed deeply by this Mac Mail Converter. It protects your data like your own. It supports features like conversion of Unicode content to make sure that your data never suffers from any kind of data loss or corruption of any kind.

Unicode is the non-English data of your input file that many other Mac Mail to Postbox Converter fail to convert. This failure to convert the Unicode content may lead to corruption of your input data.

So, Mail Extractor Max supports conversion of Unicode therefore, providing you complete and safe conversion process.

Multiple Account Conversion

The tools advanced features list also includes the feature of bulk conversion which is missing from many other Mac Mail to Postbox Converters. Bulk conversion is an approach that cuts down on the time taken for conversion process without compromising with the accuracy and precision of the tool.

It allows you to select all the files that you want to convert and then in a single go, the tool converts all of them without compromising on the accuracy and precision offered by this Mac Mail to Postbox Converter.

So, the process of conversion is speeds up without letting the quality of the tool down.

Super Easy

To control the tool and its operations, the developers have provided an intuitive and intelligent interface with the tool. This interface makes using this tool very easy.

It provides you with informative wizards and dialog boxes that guide you through the conversion process. This proves to be of great help for the users, especially if they are new to the tool.

How it works

  1. Launch ‘Mail Extractor Max’
  2. Click on “Load”
    • Auto Load – Automatically Load Mac Mail database for conversion.
    • Open – If your have backup copy of Mac Mail Export Mailbox or ‘Mail’ folder copied.
  3. Check on “Ignore Empty Folders’ to ignore empty items from conversion.
  4. Check and uncheck what you want to convert from the preview panel.
  5. Choose your output format
    • Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004/2008 (*.rge)
    • Microsoft Outlook:mac 2011
    • Mozilla Thunderbird
    • Postbox
    • MBOX File (*.mbox)
    • EML File (*.eml)
  6. Then hit on “Convert”
How to convert mac mail to postbox

Free Trial to Convert Mac Mail to Postbox

A free to download trial is also provided by this Mac Mail to Postbox Converter that allows you get used to the tool before you go and buy the premium version. And for any help or queries there is a 24*7 helpline available at your disposal. So, grab your trial today and get started.

Mail Extractor Max

Try it today to convert Mac Mail data into Postbox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Entourage 2004/2008, Outlook:mac 2011, MBOX & EML.