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How to Move Outlook 2011 to PST – A Simple yet Decisive Answer at Last!

How to Move Outlook 2011 to PST – A Simple yet Decisive Answer at Last!

How to move Outlook 2011 to PST? The question has puzzled many experts for years, as there are not user-friendly and practical answers to the problem. Until now. Try the suggested app below and see it for yourself.

Outlook 2011 to PST for Windows Outlook

You have been using Outlook 2011 for Mac for many years now. But now for some reason (work or personal related), you decided to move to Windows.

Great! Windows platform could serve as excellent way to improve your workflow as compared to Mac OS (but of course depending on the type of work, it is often subjective).

But keeping all that aside, you are probably stuck at one phase of your “switch to Windows.” Taking into account you are reading this post, the likely guess is that you are stuck at email migration, particularly about moving Outlook 2011 to PST.

Outlook 2011 has long been one of the leading email clients on Mac OS X platform, along with the Apple’s Apple Mail itself. But it offers no direct way to migrate the local data (archived) to other email clients. There are convoluted ways to transfer the contents of Outlook 2011 Mac to other software clients like Windows’ version, but most of them are not practical and can take enormous amount of your time.

Method 1: Using IMAP

One common method is to sync the database to some email servers (like that of Gmail) that supports IMAP protocol. You can then add the same account to Windows Outlook and this time let the data sync back from the servers to the client. If it is not obvious, such an approach could be painfully long, and that too if you were able to follow each step correctly. It could also result in incomplete transfer of your data.

Method 2: Using OLM to PST Converter

Other solution, and the best one, is to use an OLM to PST converter. First, archive the data to OLM file by going to ‘File’ à Export in your Outlook Mac and then convert the file to PST.

It is a simple and quick solution that works most of the time. It does not require much of the bizarre and complicated procedures that other methods do. But when it does not work, it is usually the fault of the converter you pick for converting the files. Keep in mind that OLM and PST are two completely different files, even though they are associated with Outlook. The way information is indexed and located within them makes it tricky to extract everything in an organized way that does not leave users with gaps or aberrations.

Most frequently noted, there are issues like the broken images, missing email addresses, lost headers especially in Unicode, and so on. Such compromise to data integrity is one of the bigger challenges of using a third-party OLM to PST Converter for moving Outlook 2011 to PST.

But this is why this post exists. Below, we are suggesting a secure and easy to use software app that provides a definitive answer to how to move Outlook 2011 to PST files without facing the devastating loss to data fidelity.

Tool to move Outlook 2011 to PST

It’s called “OLM to PST Converter Pro” and is available to try for free. It is also available for both Mac and Windows platform.

Website Link:

outlook 2011 to pst
  • Standalone. Requires no other utility, not even an internet connection to work
  • Quick installation without any further initial-config or setup
  • Keeps the order of folders preserved
  • Works blazing fast
  • Converts contacts and calendar too
  • Allows batch OLM files conversion
  • Allows limiting PST file size before splitting
  • 24 x 7 technical support (email, chat, and TeamViewer)
  • Both personal and commercial license

Other Recommended Tools

OLM to PST Converter Ultimate

Website Link:

There is one more way to easily move Outlook 2011 to PST and that does not require OLM to PST files conversion. IT can be done using “OLM to PST Converter Ultimate,” another optimized app from Gladwev that works by directly targeting the Outlook database called Profile or identity. This app could also be used to transfer OLM to PST, but the recommended way is to autoload your Outlook database directly.

move outlook 2011 to pst

Mac Outlook Database Recovery

Website Link:

You could download the trial version of both ‘Pro’ and ‘Ultimate’ version and check for yourself whatever fits your needs. Before you go away, we would also like to suggest “Mac Outlook Database Recovery” in case there is corruption or other kind of damage. The tool works quickly to restore everything back to health, providing a stress-free approach to data recovery.

How to move outlook 2011 to pst

Mail Passport Pro

Website Link:

convert outlook 2011 to pst

You can also try ‘Mail Passport Pro’. It can convert Outlook for Mac (OLM), Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage Archive 2004/2008, MBOX and EML to PST file format.