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Mac Mail to Outlook Converter – Mail Extractor Pro

Mac Mail to Outlook Converter – Mail Extractor Pro

Why Converting MBOX to PST is a Wrong Choice if All You Want is Mac Mail to Outlook Converter

Looking for mac mail to outlook converter? Then you most surely be looking for MBOX or EMLX converters. You have been looking for a wrong solution. Here’s why.
Since Mac Mail uses MBOX files, and Windows Outlook uses PST files, it is natural to assume that the only way to move data across them is to convert MBOX files to PST.
Some users also use the raw EMLX files (also associated with Mac Mail) to export data. This is how it has been done ever since both email clients have existed together. You could probably find dozens of MBOX to PST converters or EMLX to PST converters with flashy features.

Here’s what may surprise you.

There is actually a better, far better, solution that using MBOX or EMLX files. And as the courtesy of USL Software, this is not possible even for basic users. Up until now, the technique was usually used by IT staff using custom built software programs.
This tool by USL Software is called “Mail Extractor Pro.”
mac mail to outlook converter
Before mentioning its main feature, let’s discuss the two other equally impressive functions it carries:
  • It has an incredibly simple GUI. This is very impressive when you take into account how other tools of similar nature have troubled users with their cluttered UIs and very poor designing decisions by their developers.
  • It is backed up by 24×7 customer support. Because of simple GUI, you wouldn’t need anyone’s help to actually export data. However, USL Software understands that perfection is illusory, and it doesn’t pretend to be otherwise. However, with the support team that USL offers, the whole package of “Mail Extractor Pro” almost touches the perfection line.
  • And, as an additional feature that most developers ignore or fail to offer is splitting large PST files. Windows Outlook can often cause trouble importing large PST files. And if you have a lot of data in Mac Outlook, naturally, the converted PST file would also be large in size. “Ultimate” lets you choose a maximum file size for PST, and then automatically keeps it in check while converting the data.

It doesn’t need MBOX or EMLX file to convert Mac Mail to Outlook

And here’s what you have been waiting to hear all along.
“Mail Extractor Pro” allows you to convert archived MBOX files to PST, in case you need it. But the ideal choice is to let it load contents directly from “Mail” folder. “Mail” folder is the source of all data stored locally or on server by Mac Mail. By using it, instead of using archived MBOX files, you get flawless migration experience.
Not only does it make the entire job effortless, but also convert data with precision close to a single KB of data. It misses no elements, including embedded images, metadata and headers, email attachments, nested messages, or anything else.
Doing so, USL Software gained much more power for offering features that weren’t possible before. The tool also supports the conversion of non-English text, which has always been problematic during Mac Mail to Outlook conversion. It also helps it maintain the folder hierarchy similar to the original. You will find no item misplaced, modified, lost, or broken. This level of clean conversion was rarely a possibility before.

Try this Mac Mail to Outlook Converter

Try the tool now. And you won’t find anything disappointing. From the moment you download the setup to installing to actually using it, it’s all done perfectly.
You can get it here. The tool can be used without activating the paid version. But in that mode, it limits the conversion to only ten items folder. However, no other feature is disabled, which makes it a perfect version for trying it out and help making up your mind.

How to Convert Mac Mail to Outlook

convert mac mail to outlook

how to convert mac mail to outlook

mac mail to outlook converter tool

If you are looking for Mac Mail to Outlook Converter, Try ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ today.

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